“The L Word” Recaps 4.9 “Lacy Lilting Lyrics”


The Planet — Oh, right. Kit was struggling earlier. Like, way back at the beginning of the episode. And it seems she has since given in: She’s swilling beer and looking like she could belt out some blues any minute. I kinda like hard-luck Kit.

Angus sidles up and tells her she shouldn’t be drinking.

Kit: Yeah, and who do I have to thank for that, hmm?
Angus: Can I give you a ride home?
Kit: Why? So you can beg at me and tell me how sorry your ass is? Please. Give me a break.

Angus says he just wants to talk to her, but Kit wants to holler:

Kit: [to the other employees] Hey, everybody! Stop what you’re doing. Just shut the f— up and listen, OK? The man wants to talk.
Angus: Uh. I’m sorry. I, uh, I’m an idiot. And I made a huge mistake.
Kit: Ya think?
Angus: And I know you hate me right now. And I don’t blame you. But I love you. I love you more than anyone I’ve ever loved in my entire life. And I’m gonna stick around, um, as long as I can, in the hopes that you’ll eventually forgive me. Yeah, that’s pretty much it. I’m stickin’.

Kit thanks everyone — everyone who’s not Angus — for their work and then shuffles out. The idle exit is her new art form.

OK, Angus, you’ve said your piece. I would wish you luck, but you’ve been "sticking" all along, like something oozy and stinky on the bottom of our shoes. I kinda wish you would dry up and fall off already.

Appreciating art — I don’t know anything about metalwork, so I don’t really know what Bette and Jodi are doing. Other than wearing coveralls, that is, which is definitely sexy.

They seem to be on much better terms now. Jodi says she saw a great piece of metal on the side of the road this morning, but Amy refused to stop to pick it up.

Bette: Philistine.
Jodi: [nods and smiles]
Bette: I was thinking about having a dinner party. I really want you to meet some of my friends.

This makes Jodi nervous, so Bette assures her it’s no big deal. That’s sweet. And it’s even sweeter when Jodi asks Bette to spend the night with her. Bette says, simply, "Love to."

Bette tells Jodi she’s beautiful, and then promptly smears grease or paint or something on her face. I love goofy Bette. And laughter is the best kind of prelude to a kiss.

The perfect vision — Tina and Jenny are taking one more meeting, this time with Lawrence Bender. He says he was into lesbians way before the "new chic lesbian fad" — he has a 35 mm print of The Killing of Sister George. Well. That certainly proves something; I just don’t know what, exactly.

He invites them to sit down; they’re in a small theater. He begins his pitch: He doesn’t want just a "regular lesbian story," because that’s been done a million times before.

Jenny: I don’t think it’s been done a million times.

Thank you, Jenny.

Anyway, it seems Lawrence’s life dream is this: to make a musical. He thinks Lez Girls is a musical.

Jenny: I love it.
Lawrence: Really?
Jenny: [shouting] I love it!

Jenny, I think this is the first time I’ve ever rewound you with glee. That was hilarious! You’re such a spaz when you’re excited.

Lawrence even has the perfect performers in mind. He tells them to sit back and enjoy: "There’s this woman who is extraordinary. I’ve been wanting to work with her for a long time, and I really think that I could make a marriage between the two of you."

And there’s a drum roll and the curtain goes up — on Marina and her dancers, doing that number we saw at the beginning of the episode. It’s longer this time, and definitely fascinating. The Ditty Bops lend their wit and harmonies to "Le Cirque du Ferrer," and I wonder where I am — but I’m very glad to be here. The lyrics are fab: "You’ll be shocked, amused, titillated and confused by the sultry Sapphic story of a certain group of friends."

Marina gives Jenny a slight smile. Jenny rolls her eyes, but smiles too. Even Tina is digging it. What a crazy marriage that would be. Oh, I meant Jenny and Marina, not Jenny and Tina. I think so, anyway.

Making their mark — Alice and Shane are hanging out on that Boss billboard. They decide to enhance it a little. They spray paint the hell out of it, adding facial hair and a unibrow and obscenities of every sort. It’s fun, but it goes on way too long. Still, this is probably the central friendship of the show — if anyone is "Lez Girls," it’s these two. Their fun is our fun, and it’s been way too long.

NEXT WEEK ON THE L WORD: Helena goes to the track; Max goes home; Jodi bares her soul.

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