“The L Word” Recaps 4.9 “Lacy Lilting Lyrics”

Polyamory in action — Bette is parking her car. As she crosses the parking lot, she sees Jodi with a blonde. Jodi is touching the woman — holding her hands, playing with her hair, caressing her — and for a moment I think the blonde is Nadia. But whew, it’s not quite that bad.

When Bette registers what’s going on, she almost imperceptibly winces and clenches her jaw. And then she steels herself, stands up straight and marches forth with a killer stare. I would not want to be on the receiving end of that. And that’s the only situation in which I can write that sentence in relation to Bette.

Jodi sees Bette and immediately drops her hands, pushing the woman away a little.

Jodi introduces the woman as Amy — just "Amy." Bette signs, "It’s nice to meet you." Amy returns the greeting. Bette marches away stiffly, so Jodi runs to catch up with her as Amy gets in her car and leaves. How funny is it that Amy’s driving an El Camino or Ranchero or whatever? Now that was a funny idea. It’s a car! It’s a pickup! It’s a pick-car car-up!

Bette is staring straight ahead, her mouth a razor-straight line.

Jodi: Hey.
Bette: [coldly] What’s up?
Jodi: Want to go get some coffee?
Bette: Uh, I can’t. I have a bunch of work to do before the faculty meeting. But I’ll see you later.

And Dean Porter strolls away. With her body language, Jodi says, "Damn."

The music during this scene is interesting, if completely jarring. It’s "Stone," by Bitch. I guess it’s applicable in a couple of ways: Bette is very stone-faced, and Jodi’s "stone" of polyamory is perhaps about to be, um, turned? (The lyrics say, "I knew I could unstone you, but what for?")

The Planet — Kit is moping around. She sees Angstus and says, "What the f— is he doing in here?" The barista starts to explain that he’s "helping out" with vendors and such, but Kit just walks away and goes to her office.

And in her office, she finds a flood of flowers. They’re from Angus, of course. She reads the card on one of the bouquets: "Dear Kit, Please know my sorrow is as deep as my love for you. Angus." She picks up another card, which reads, "Kit. I can’t live without you. Love, Angus."

I just rolled my eyes so hugely and severely, I gave myself a lobotomy. Oh, good: I’ll finally be able to relate to Angus!

Kit sighs, sits down at her desk and tears up the cards. And reaches for a bottle. She slides it away from her on the desk and stares at it. I love the way this is shot: The camera closes in on the bottle, and behind it, Kit’s face moves from one side to the other, peering into the alcohol as if she’s divining something.

Before she can decide whether to imbibe, there’s a knock at the door. She hides the bottle and says, "Come in."

Another floral arrangement makes its way through the door. Kit assumes the face behind the flowers will be that of mopey, moony-eyed Angstus, so she starts to tell him to go away and just stop it. But this particular bouquet (which is a dozen red roses and is of considerably higher quality than Angus’ offerings) is from the ever-behatted Papi.

Papi: [looking around at all the flowers] Well, damn. Looks like someone beat me to it.
Kit: No one beat you to anything.
Papi: [handing her the flowers] Here you go. I had to, you know, thank you for letting me take you dancing the other night.
Kit: Well, thank you. You showed me respect, you know? And that really means the world to me right now.
Papi: Well, it was an honor and a privilege. And, uh, maybe we can do it again sometime soon, under less compromising circumstances, if you know what I mean.
Kit: Yeah, well, I don’t think I’m gonna be any less compromised anytime soon.
Papi: Then baby, I’ll wait for you. Because then I can show you that you’ll never need a man ever again. You know Papi can rock your world, right?
Kit: [sighing] When you gonna stop that?
Papi: Stop what?
Kit: [making braggadocio movements with her shoulders] All that "Papi," you know, thing you do.
Papi: [blank stare]
Kit: You know, the other night, I saw a different side of Papi. A side that was deeper and warmer. You know, not that Papi player thing you do to death. If there was a Papi that I’d be attracted to, that would be the Papi that would rock my world.

Kit leaves her office. Papi just thinks and stares and smiles slightly.

Wait. Did somebody finally call Papi on all her BS? Did Kit just get more than five lines in a row? Which show am I watching again?

I love the way Kit has suddenly mastered the art of the dramatic exit, or, rather, the indifferent go-somewhere-else: First she ambled into her office while the barista was explaining why Angus is there, and now she’s shuffling back out while Papi is taking in her proclamations. Girl, she’s done wasting time on pleasantries.

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