“The L Word” Recaps: 4.10 “Little Boy Blue”

The Planet — Papi wants Kit to come to the horse races tomorrow.

Papi: You’re the first person I’ve wanted to share it with.
Kit: Just don’t drop too much.
Papi: I know how to bet. I plan to make a lot of money before I’m through.

Keep trying, Papi. You can woo Kit with flowers and money and sweet talk and everything under the sun, but girl, she’s straight. Trust me: I’ve been there.

Angus interrupts to tell Kit he’s been talking to a distributor and some radio stations. He’s promoting "Bareback" because he believes in the record and he believes in her.

Angus: I just wanted to get you up and running.
Kit: I’ve been up and running since you were bare-assed streaking through a sprinkler.

Angus just walks away. He’s been there too, Papi: Kit’s a hard-headed woman.

Papi says maybe it’s time for Kit to give Angus a break.

Papi: He made a mistake, Kit.
Kit: Forgetting to set your alarm clock is a mistake. Putting sugar in a salt shaker, that’s a mistake. What he did was more than just a mistake.
Papi: Are you still in love with him?
Kit: No.

They both look away from what they know is a lie.

I love the music in the background: It’s "There’ll Be Some Changes Made" by Helen Humes. Best of luck with these changes you’re making, Kit.

Bette’s house — Tina is cooing with Angelica. How can that kid be so cute?!

Tina says goodbye to Jodi and Bette. As Tina gathers her things, Jodi and Bette talk (sign) about whether to invite her to the dinner party. Tina smiles knowingly as Bette pulls out the seating chart.

Tina: Is that a dinner party list? I remember that.
Jodi: Oh. She’s done it before?
Tina: Uh, yeah.
Bette: Uh, well, actually, we are having a dinner party tomorrow night, and we would love it if you and Henry could come.
Tina: Ah. Well, thank you. Um. Actually, I already have dinner plans.
Bette: Oh. Well, tell Henry maybe some other time —
Tina: Oh, it’s not with Henry. My date is with, uh, Kate Arden.

Jodi recognizes the name and says she loved Kate’s film, Pandora. I’m thinking this entire show could be retitled Pandora.

Bette wants to know if the date with Kate is a "date date."

Tina: Oh, no. I wish. She’s fantastic. She’s talented and intelligent. We’re so lucky to get her. You’d love her.
Bette: [smiling through her teeth and half-chuckling]
Tina: I could bring her to the dinner party. If you’re OK with that.
Bette: [after Jodi prompts her] Uh. Yeah, sure. Yeah, that would be great.

And by "great," I think Bette probably means "excruciating." There’s so much self-congratulation going on in this scene, I don’t know who to clap for. Bette’s congratulating herself for extending a toxic olive branch to Tina, and Tina’s congratulating herself for being interested in a woman again. Woo-frickin’-hoo to both of you.

And Jodi’s probably congratulating herself for suffering two fools somewhat gladly. But I don’t like your pigtails, Jodi. Have you been taking fashion advice from Jenny? Next we’ll be seeing you in a doily.

Off to the races — Tasha, Alice, Kit, Catherine, Helena and Jenny are at the racetrack. As Tasha, Alice and Kit cheer for their chosen steeds, Jenny makes a quiet announcement.

Jenny: Whenever I’m in a public place like this with lots of people around, I always have this compulsion to take off all my clothes.

Catherine says, "Me, too," and Helena expresses surprise. The rest of the world just nods in a stunned, confused, yes-that’s-Jenny sort of way.

Alice wants to know if there’s a booby prize for coming in last every time. Helena doesn’t know why
Alice even cares, since she only bets paltry sums like $2.

Alice: I like winning!
Helena: We all like winning.
Tasha: Aw. You’re a winner, baby.
Kit: Yeah, look at the hottie you scored!

I love you, Tasha and Alice. Yes, I loved Alice and Dana, and I really loved Dana and Lara, but hey — time passes. And these two are awesome.

But when Alice kisses Tasha on the cheek, Tasha freaks out a little.

Tasha: We’re in a public place, Alice. PDAs aren’t cool for me. I told you that.
Alice: Sorry. Horse races make me hot.

I’m fine with PDA, Alice! But I don’t like horses. Or races. Or horse races. But PDA? Yeah! Ahem.

Papi shows up with some fries. They pass the cup around, each of them taking a fry or two — except for Catherine, who doesn’t do carbs. Yawn. By the time the cup gets to Tasha, there’s precious little left.

Tasha: Hello? One f—ing fry you leave me?
Alice: That’s what you get, OK? Don’t talk to me.

Tasha just loves Alice even more for her brattiness. And I am back to swooning over both of them.

Alice asks Kit whether she’s going to Bette’s tomorrow night. Kit says yes, she wants to meet Jodi, "so I’m gonna forgive my sister her sorry ass for protecting Angus." Kit, please — don’t say "ass" and "Angus" in the same sentence. Eww.

Alice says Jodi looks cool; she Googled her last night.

Jenny: I wonder what it’s like to be with someone that’s deaf?
Papi: Prob’ly really intense, you know? Once one sense is gone, like, the others pump up, probably, right?

You mean you don’t know, Lothario? Is there an undiscovered country in your galaxy?

Tasha: Is Bette learning how to sign?
Kit: Oh, I’m sure she’s all over it.
Alice: But I think she really likes her. Because when she talks about her, she kind of glows.

Catherine says their race has just been announced; it’s time to place bets. They all get up and shuffle off.

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