“The L Word” Recaps: 4.10 “Little Boy Blue”


There’s just one problem with the dinner party: Bette has yet to hear from Kit. Bette says, "I think she thinks I’m protecting Angus." That could be it. Or she could be on the bender to end all benders. Can we get an episode that’s all about Kit and done in classic blaxploitation style? Angela Robinson, are you listening?

Suddenly, this cozy Jodi-Bette intimacy is rocked by a silent but deadly force: Amy. You know, the one Jodi dumped because Bette has "ruined her" for everyone else. Amy’s having some trouble accepting this.

Amy: You tossed me aside like a piece of garbage.
Jodi: We talked about this.
Amy: We didn’t talk. You talked.

Bette tries to leave, but Jodi tells her to stay. And then the signing gets fast and furious; Bette tries to keep up, but she just looks confused. Those fingers can really fly. It’s an amazing thing to behold.

Amy calls Jodi a "f—ing heartless c—" and demands an explanation.

Amy: You don’t want to feel tied down. You could never commit to one person.
Jodi: I didn’t think I could. I was telling you the truth.
Amy: You f— me all night long and then you told me in the morning you were in love with someone else?
Jodi: OK, what do you want me to say?
Amy: She must be an incredible f—. Does she whisper sweet nothings in your ear? Make you feel a part of the world?
Jodi: [yelling] F— you! I f—in’ did my best!
Amy: F—in’ f—!
Jodi: Get out!

I should have mentioned that this little conflagration is taking place in the middle of an art studio. There are students all around, and they’re openly watching.

Jodi collects herself and turns around to face Bette. Bette gives her a little "I’m worried but it’s going to be OK" look that I adore. I’m glad her face is so expressive because I need a way to avert my eyes from the horror that is her shirt.

Jodi: Did you catch any of that?
Bette: It was really just too fast for me.
Jodi: [nodding and sighing]
Bette: But it seems like it went really well.

Jodi just smiles and sighs. I have to congratulate you, Bette, for not thinking about yourself this time. That was supportive and sweet and encouraging. Well done.

A living room that hasn’t been redecorated in decades — Max and Grace sit stiffly on the couch and chat with Max’s sister Maggie, who insists that she’s happy Max came to the funeral but is worried everyone else will freak out.

Maggie: You know how Dad feels.
Grace: About what?
Max: About queers.

The sight of Max and Grace on the couch is making me giggle a little. It’s like they’re two kids from opposite sides of the tracks and Max is there to meet Grace’s parents so he can take her to the prom.

Max says his dad was always using slurs of various sorts when Max was a kid.

Max: I mean, you name it, and he had a word for it.
Grace: Sounds charming.
Maggie: He’s not a bad guy. He’s just —
Max: He’s ignorant. And he’s sheltered. And he’s afraid of anything that’s different from him. I didn’t come here for him, Maggie. I came here for Mom.

Maggie doesn’t understand why Max disappeared and assumed their mom couldn’t handle his transition. She says he just assumes everyone will hate him.

Max: You’ve called me twice since I told you I was transitioning.
Maggie: How many times have you called me?

Sigh. I get what you’re saying — both of you. Sometimes it seems easier to defend yourself by disappearing. But if you disappear, how will they find you when they’re ready to reach out? Oh well: You might disappear into that awful couch any minute, Max, so it probably doesn’t really matter.

Max’s father and other sister, Sioban, arrive home. Mr. Sweeney doesn’t see Max and Grace right away; he’s too busy telling Maggie that he couldn’t afford the mahogany casket.

Max: [standing up and facing his father] I’d like to pay for the mahogany casket.

Mr. Sweeney just stares.

A house without Shay is not a home — Paige and Jared stop by to see Shane. Paige looks flat-out adorable in her hat. And the expression on her face when she sees Shane is one of pure delight. Aww.

Paige says Jared has been missing Shay and figured Shane must miss him even more. So they decided to take "an impromptu holiday" and check on Shane.

Jared: How are you?
Shane: I’m OK. [to Paige] I’m sorry for disappearing on you. I’m kind of … glad that you showed up on my doorstep.

They invite Shane to join them for breakfast. It’s a "Jared’s Choice" day, which means breakfast is ice cream. I’m trying to remember if my parents ever took an impromptu holiday with me and gave me ice cream for breakfast. I think the closest I got to that was the time my dad picked me up in the tractor because he thought that would be a good way to convince the principal to declare a snow day.

A confrontation — The Sweeneys don’t waste time when there’s family drama to be had.

Max: I came to pay my respects.
Dad: Have you lost your mind? You run off and you show up after she’s dead, like this?
Maggie: Dad. Stop.
Sioban: You’re f—ing disgusting.
Maggie: Shut up, Sioban.
Dad: You shame me. You shame your mother’s memory.
Sioban: You and your friend need to leave now, Moira.
Max: Yeah.
Sioban: Mom told me on her deathbed that she thought you should’ve been born a boy. But look at you: You’re a freak now. I’m glad she’s not alive to actually see it.

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