“The Killing” recap: Season 3 finale


En route to the station, Internal Affairs cuts Holder off at the pass, and takes him in for questioning. Linden heads in alone and a cop hands her over the traffic cams, showing Adrian being followed by a sedan. Holder finds out that he is being questioned for harassing Reddick and his family. Linden rushes off to Skinner’s house, where she finds him packing. He tells her that he is leaving his wife, and yells at her for not doing thorough police work. She follows him down the stairs, where they awkwardly run into his wife and daughter. Skinner hugs his daughter goodbye, and when he does, Linden sees Kallie’s blue ring on her finger.


Her world becomes slow motion and you can almost hear the blood roaring in her ears. She looks at Skinner, and he can see by her eyes, that she knows. Linden whips out her gun, and Skinner says that if she ever wants to see Adrian again; she’ll come with him.


Holder is crawling out of his skin on the small office, screaming that he needs to help his partner.  When he finds out that it was Skinner that filed the complaint, just moments before he was picked up, he knows that Linden is in real danger. He makes up a story about planting a bomb in Reddick’s car. Reddick reluctantly comes to the rescue, but not before punching Holder. Holder knows he deserves it, but he implores Reddick to help him find Adrian. Holder goes to Skinner’s house where he gets the location of the lake house from his wife. He speeds down the highway in an attempt to catch up with Skinner and Linden.

In Skinner’s car, Linden sits with her gun drawn. Skinner asks why couldn’t she just walk away. He thought he could change for her. He tells her that the first murder happened by accident, that he was just trying to protect his career. It was the look on his victim’s face that became the thrill for him.  It was a look past pain and terror, and there was nothing else like it.  Linden calls him a monster, and he agrees that perhaps he is.


He says that he didn’t want to kill Adrian, and that he doesn’t kill children. Linden screams that all his victims were children but Skinner doesn’t’ t see it that way. He says that deep down, she knew he was up to something. She starts hitting him, and they nearly crash into another car. Linden climbs out of the car and vomits, her horror punctuated with sobs.

When they get to the lake house, Linden asks if Kallie is there. Skinner tells her that many girls are there, and other places where no one will ever find them. “It’s the loneliest feeling in the world, waiting to be found,” she laments, knowing that feeling all too well. Skinner admits to planting the rings and Bullet’s body in Joe Mills’ car. He snickers that Bullet thought she was being clever. When Linden asks where Adrian is, he hints that he’s in the trunk.  He’s lying however. Reddick finds a note in Adrian’s things that lead him to the cemetery. There, Adrian is hiding near his mother’s grave, scared but very much alive.

Skinner and Linden are at a standoff. He says that murdering those girls was easy, but killing Adrian was difficult. She shoots him, and Holder comes running toward the sound of the gun.


Holder tries to talk him down, all the while Skinner taunts her. Just as Holder tries to convince Linden that this is just what he wants, she fires a second shot and kills Skinner. Holder paces, devastated, knowing what this means for Linden. The last shot is of Linden’s face, lost. Completely lost.


 What did you think of the finale?  The show left us pondering Linden’s fate. Where do you think season four would take us?

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