“The Killing” recap: Season 3 finale


At the prison, CO Henderson cleans out Seward’s cell.  His personal effects are few, but include a well-worn copy of Lonesome Dove. CO Becker is cleaning out his own effects when Henderson comes across him.  Becker tells him he’s got too much going on at home, and is taking his pension and getting the hell out. He warns Henderson that this life makes you a prisoner in it’s own way.

Holder’s phone call leads him to the scene of a burnt out car and a set of charred remains. Linden joins him and Holder asks if she’s sticking around for good this time. She looks at him with hope in her eyes.


Lyric is now working at a restaurant to help pay for her new apartment with Twitch and she seems to have it together. While bussing tables, she finds Danette there who asks her if she knew Kallie. She gives her condolences about Bullet, and Lyric begins to cry. Danette suggests that she stop by sometime and she will do her hair, on the house. Meanwhile, Twitch is struggling to adjust to domestic life. He reaches into his pocket for smokes, and finds a baggie of heroin. On Lyric’s way home from her job, she looks lost and lonely. When an old trick pulls up, she pauses for a moment, then gets inside his car. Twitch meanwhile sits on the roof of the building, the bag of heroin in his hand. He lets the wind blow away it’s contents, and smiles like he’s seeing clearly for the first time.

At the station, Holder runs into Reddick and tries to apologize for his behavior. Reddick tells him he put in for a new partner, and that Linden has filed a complaint against him. He tells Holder that what happened between them will stay between them, because he’s not a rat. In Skinner’s office, Linden is all smiles again when he teases her about her old habit of singing under her breath.  He asks her to join him at his lake house. She wants to but she’s working the charred body case and needs to stick around. Holder interrupts them to let Linden know the coroner’s office has some info.  Once they are in the car, Holder calls Linden on her relationship with Skinner. When she actually admits to it, Holder is amazed. “You are a human!” he shouts, laughing.

Danette stands in the same spot on the bridge where we first met Kallie in episode one. She hears a girl’s laugher as she passes Danette on the walkway and Danette looks behind her. For the rest of her life, every time she hears a laugh, hope will cause her to turn her head.  The inevitable disappointment that it’s not Kallie, and never will be Kaliie sets in.  She closes her eyes and counts to five, and opens her eyes to an empty sky.

The coroner informs Holder and Linden that the body was killed execution style and the teeth were removed post mortem. Holder notices the body is missing it’s ring finger, and when the coroner reveals that the injury is a few weeks old, a sickening feeling sinks in. The detectives know that this body belongs to Angie, the only survivor of The Pied Piper. Joe Mills is being charged with the murders later that day, but Holder and Linden now know it wasn’t him. Holder tells Linden that the murdered must be a cop. Only a cop would have known all the details, only a cop would have had access.


Linden voices concern for Skinner’s career and Holder asks if she wants another innocent man’s blood on her hands. Holder suggests the killer would have gotten his first taste of power on the job, so they go back to the first known dead girl, Bridgette, and talk to her family.

Bridgette had indeed been arrested by an undercover cop for solicitation. While Holder questions the parents, Linden looks at their wall of photos. There she sees a familiar face, staring back. Reddick. Turns out that Reddick uses to be the dead girl’s neighbor, and was the one to tell her parents about her death. Outside, the detectives try to figure out what Reddick’s connection to Trisha Seward was. Linden sees a tree house, and a light bulb goes off in her head. She and Holder drive out to the lake where the bodies were dumped, and Linden finds what she is looking for; a tree house, overlooking the lake. The killer didn’t go to the Seward house looking for Trisha. He went looking for Adrian. Adrian, who was being followed by a grey car, is now missing. Linden and Holder begin a frantic search for him.


Skinner picks up his daughter from ballet, and she is not too pleased to see him. She confronts him about his affair, and tells her he can’t be what he’s not.  Mid-speech, he gets a call summoning him to Adrian’s home. The detectives tell Skinner that Joe Mills is not their guy, and try to explain their thinking to him. He tells them that he will track down Reddick.

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