“The Killing” recap (3.6): Eminent Domain

Back in the cell block, Seward is roused from sleep to the sound of fabric ripping. He presses his face against the bars, to see Alton is ripping his bedding. There have been no bed checks tonight, so he’s able to do as he pleases. Seward knows what this means, and tries to get Alton to talk to him. For all of Seward’s hardness, he has a soft spot for the chatterbox inmate. Alton is so overwhelmed from the meeting with his siblings, that he has decided to take his own life. Once Seward realizes that this is what Alton wants, he talks him through his last moments. We all may be alone in death, but Seward wanted to be there until the last possible moment. CO Henderson arrives late, due to his baby teething, and finds out CO Becker isn’t there. He makes the morning rounds and finds Alton’s dead body. Henderson asks Seward why he didn’t do anything to try and stop the suicide. Instead of answering, Seward requests a visitation.

At the police station, Adrian’s foster parents are there to lodge a complaint about Linden. They want her to leave Adrian alone, and that ever since she confronted him, he’s taken to sleeping in the closet again. The gears in Linden’s head start to whirl and she leaves to look in the Seward file. Adrian’s bed was made the night of the murder, because he was sleeping in the closet. Once she and Holder are in the car, she starts riffling through and decides they have to break into Adrian’s old apartment. No one has lived there since the murder because its eminent domain now, part of the Mayor’s waterfront development deals. Linden crawls inside a closet in the front room, and notices glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling. The closest has metal webbing at the bottom that would have allowed Adrian to see his mother’s killer. Now they just need access to Adrian to find out who the real killer is.

Bullet is walking alone down an alley when Danette approaches her. In the distance, Lyric is being bullied by a group of girls. Bullet is torn between talking to Danette and helping Lyric, but finding Kallie wins out. Danette asks for Bullet’s help searching Kallie’s old haunts, and Bullet agrees.

Seward’s requested visitation is with another inmate, who turns out to be his father. His dad is all bluster and bravado, and turns out to be the one who sent Seward the razor blade in the soap. Seward realizes that he turned out to be just like his father. The man who left him and his mother to starve. Seward gets up to leave and his father tells him that he’s proud of him. Seward on the other hand, sees absolutely nothing to be proud of.

Linden visits Seward at the jail to see if he has any connection to Joe Mills. She tells him that Adrian saw whoever killed his wife. She mentions the stars and Seward tells her that he’s the one who put them up. Seward couldn’t be the kind of man whose child looks at him as if he hung the stars and the moon, something he deeply regrets but would never admit. Linden tells Seward that she knows he didn’t kill his wife, and he flips out and hangs up on her. Seward is on death row because of Linden and Skinner’s investigation. Now twelve days until his death, she heralds his innocence. He tells her to never come back.

After spending the day looking for Kallie, Bullet goes to the squat to check on Lyric. She’s curled up in a ball, and Twitch is nowhere to be found. She asks Bullet to come and keep her warm. My heart clenched for Bullet, because she so badly wants Lyric to love her, but also knows that she’s probably just being used. She climbs into bed with Lyric anyway. Lyric asks her what’s on her mind and Bullet tells her about Kallie’s mom. Lyric tells Bullet she doesn’t have to be tough all the time, which strikes a nerve. Then Lyric says what Bullet has been longing to hear. “You think I don’t see you, but I do.” With that, Lyric leans in and kisses Bullet, sweetly.

Back at the station, Riddick has to deliver some bad news. Angie, their only witness to the killer, has bolted from the hospital. You had one job, Riddick! Linden and Holder head to Beacon House, where they know Angie has tried to go before. Once they arrive they are escorted to the pastor’s office, who is running late. Something feels off about it, and as the detectives look around, the pictures on the pastor’s wall mirror those we saw earlier at the police station. Holder says to Linden what they are both thinking. “The shepherd and his flock.” With that, the pastor breezes in and we have a new suspect.

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