“The Killing” recap (3.5): Scared and Running

Linden, who has just had an awkward run in at the station with Skinner’s wife and daughter, seeks refuge at Holder’s “dojo.” His lady friend is over, but they both insist that Linden join them for leftovers and a DVR full of catfishing reality TV.

When Holder’s girlfriend Caroline presents him with a vegan red velvet cupcake, he realizes that he has completely missed Valentine’s Day. Damn, he should have listened to that jackass Riddick. Linden looks as if she might fall into a hole of awkwardness with her day old Thai food.

Caroline doesn’t seem too put out, knowing how cases can sometimes take over your life. (She’s an ADA after all.) When Holder’s phone rings, she tells him to answer it. Good thing, too, because it’s Bullet, who has a lead. She tells them that she has some intel from Lobo (a stand up fellow, I’m sure) that he saw some man carrying a girl into a veterinary clinic. The partners end up finding said man, covered in blood at the clinic. He’s been tending to a girl in very bad shape.

Linden approaches the girl, who is thankfully still alive and screaming her face off. The girl, much to Bullet’s dismay, is not Kallie. She asks Holder if the girl will be OK, and if he thinks Kallie is dead. He answers her the only way he knows how. Truthfully. Yes, he thinks Kallie is probably dead, and for the first time, Bullet allows him to touch her without flinching. She puts her head against his shoulder, and does her best not to cry.

The guards lead Anton back to his cell after his meeting with his victim’s family. For once, he is not much for talking. Seward tries to engage him, and Anton reluctantly begins to talk about his crime. He killed a man who caught him trying to steal from his safe, and he killed his wife as well. The man and woman, were his own mother and father. The victims family, were his brother and sister. In a moment of grace, his siblings forgave him. Anton is overwhelmed and for a brief moment, it looks like Seward is affected too.

In the seedy Queens Motel, Danette meets up with Joe Mills after searching all night for Kallie. He once again tells her to let it go, that Kallie will show up, and this time he seems angry that she’s pushing the subject. When he jumps in the shower, she decides to call Kallie once again. A phone nearby begins to ring, startling Danette. She walks toward the sound, and finds Kallie’s phone in Joe’s bag. As horror begins to spread across her face, we see the silhouette of Joe Mills standing in the bathroom doorway, watching her.

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