“The Killing” recap (3.9): Reckoning


There’s a full house at the station as Danette meets with Joe Mills. She wants to know what he did with Kallie, but he denies any wrongdoing.  He tells her to get him a really good lawyer, so that they can all be a family again. Danette trying to break him, tells Mills that his mother has given up on him and is no longer protecting him for what he did to those little girls. Mills tells her that those little girls came to him, and all he did was take away their pain.  On behalf of herself and the viewers, Danette lunges at him from across the table.


During the interrogation, Linden gets the all clear to speak with Adrian. She meets with him and tries to be as gentle and cautious as possible. He tells her he saw a man hurt his mother, his face illuminated by lights from the Christmas tree. When Linden holds up some mug shots, Adrian zeroes in on Joe Mills. At the station, Linden sits down with Danette, who tells her that Joe Mills has been around since Kallie was twelve, and that he spent some time in Alaska working around then. Three years ago…during the time of the murders. If this is truly the case, he wouldn’t have been around to kill Trisha Seward.

Ray Seward is screaming in his cell, the desperate cries of a man about to lose his race against fate. He wants to use the phone, but CO Becker isn’t about to let that happen now. Becker tells him no one cares about his sorry self. “No one’s coming for you.” Seward’s cell neighbor Dale whispers words of encouragement, and for Seward not to give up.

Twitch sits in the squat, looking at a picture of Bullet. He takes a wad of cash and leaves. He doesn’t run off though, He doesn’t hop on a bus to LA. He actually uses the money to put down a deposit on an apartment to share with Lyric. She’s beyond happy for a moment, spinning in the living room like a little kid on a playground. Then reality comes rushing back in, and she bursts into tears over the loss of her friend.

Holder is holed up in his apartment, but Linden has the key and knows that he needs comforting like she did just a few days prior. She sits with him, and tells him Bullets death is not his fault. They briefly talk about Adrian and Seward, and whether or not they have enough for a stay of execution. Holder, looking for comfort, leans in to kiss Linden. She pulls away and he apologizes and cries. She just sits with him and does what she can to make sure Holder knows that he is not alone in this.

LindenHolder kiss

Seward and Dale are out on the yard in their respective cages getting some air. Dale starts asking Seward questions about his son, and in a horrifying turn of events, Dale reveals he’s just been trying to break Seward this whole time. “I’ve been killing you since the day we met.”


Seward doesn’t do much to make himself someone who’s easy to sympathize with, but in this case, I felt for him. Behind the scenes, one of the guards is telling Henderson how he plans to sell Seward’s execution clothes online. At the same time, Henderson finds out that he’s been put on Seward’s execution. The phone rings and it’s a hysterical Mrs. Becker. Her son shot her lover, and is taken off into custody just as Becker pulls up in his car. This must be Becker’s worst nightmare.

Holder sits with Bullet’s body, and we find out her name is Rachel Olmstead. The coroner makes a joke about bad timing. Bullet had been calling the station all night, but Riddick never told Holder. Holder interrupts Riddick’s family dinner to beat the shit out of him in front of his family.

Skinner lets Linden know that the rings found in Joe Mills box matched the dead girls. There are even a few extra, meaning there may be some more bodies out there. He asks if she wants to go grab a couple beers with the guys, but she doesn’t want to celebrate. Young girls are being murdered and she’s not sure they have the right guy. Her partner is going off the deep end. A man is due to be executed, possibly for a crime he didn’t commit.  Yeah, not exactly a pin the tail on the donkey kind of night. So instead, Linden drives out to see Seward at the prison. It is now execution day.


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