“The Killing” recap (3.8): Try


Seward is talking to his lawyer who informs him that he has exhausted his appeals and there is nothing more he can do. Seward tells him he doesn’t want to hang, but the lawyer can offer no words of comfort. He instead asks Seward what he wants done with his remains. Seward tells the lawyer, to contact Linden. As Seward is being led back to his cell, he has a full-blown panic attack. In a rare moment of compassion, CO Becker talks Seward through it, much to CO Henderson’s surprise.


At the station, Pastor Mike is ruled out as a suspect in the Pied Piper murders. The blood in his car was Angie’s which was plausible considering her injuries and he was out of the country during the time frame that the other women were murdered.  Lyric also turned up, very much alive and hustling. Pastor Mike never hurt her, she left his home on her own accord. Skinner tells Holder that his source was lying and his words cut through Holder like a knife. 

He finds Bullet in the hallway and tosses her tiny frame out of her chair. She protests saying that Kallie is still out there, but Holder is so enraged by her betrayal that he tells her that she is “nothing. A nobody punk ass kid.” She runs off.

Bullet finds Lyric hustling on the street, and Lyric is far from happy to see her. She tells Bullet that she isn’t gay, and certainly doesn’t belong to her. She’s with Twitch, and that’s that.  Bullet, holding in the pain from this rejection, tries to score some drugs from the local punks.  The dealer is confused because Bullet doesn’t partake in the heavy stuff. He asks her about Kallie and mentions that Angie, the surviving victim of the Pied Piper, was recently there and heading out of town.

Holder lets himself into Linden’s place, bearing bags of Chinese takeout.  He tries to gage her how she’s coping, and Linden allows herself a rare moment of demonstrative emotion. She’s thinking about the girls who were killed and how they must have felt so alone in their last moments.  She’s also thinking about Seward and how in two days, he will hang for a murder he didn’t commit. The detectives start pouring over Seward’s file for some clue to guide them.

At the prison, CO Henderson is getting ready to leave for the day when he is stopped by CO Becker’s wife. Becker hasn’t been home much since he found out she was seeing another man. She tries to explain herself for some reason to Henderson, loneliness and alienation written all across her face. She mentions Becker’s odd hours and erratic behavior. Henderson tells her he can’t help her, and walks away. This scene feels so out of place and yet telling, that I believe it is the Chekov’s gun of this season’s The Killing.

Bullet catches up with Angie at the bus depot as she’s trying to get the hell out of attempted murder dodge.  She tries to convince Angie to help, but the traumatized girl just wants to run away. Bullet knows that Angie will be dope sick soon enough and offers her a hit in exchange for the identity of the man who tried to kill her.

Back at Linden’s, Holder gets a call from Bullet, which he ignores. He takes Seward’s case file so Linden can get some rest and attempt to deal with her harrowing experience from earlier. Bullet, sitting in a diner, leaves a voicemail for Holder.  She knows who the killer is. Linden gets a call too, this time, from Seward. He finally tells her that he didn’t kill his wife and gives her permission to speak with Adrian. This may be the only chance for Seward to escape execution.

Bullet diner

As Bullet tries and fails again to reach Holder, a car pulls up near the diner. Its driver has his eyes drawn on Bullet. She may know who the killer is, but it looks like the killer knows who she is now too.

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