“The Killing” recap (3.7): Hope Kills


After the detectives get permission from Skinner to run a deeper background check on Pastor Mike, they find out that he supposedly died four years ago.  Pastor Mike is not really who he says he is. Linden and Holder are casing Pastor Mike’s house. He arrives home and they check out his car, which is a rental. Pastor Mike sees them and they approach to ask him some more questions. Holder takes note of his biblical tattoos and asks the station to run a check on it. The tattoo comes back with a identification. Pastor Mike is actually Mark Wood, who was arrested a few years back for kidnapping a 16- year-old girl. She OD’d so the charges were dropped.  It’s enough to get a warrant.  Back inside the house, we see that Mark Wood is allowing Bullet and Lyric to stay with him.

Pastor mike-lyric

Later that night, Lyric is eating ice cream when Mark appears in the kitchen.  He starts talking about feeling alone and not having anywhere to go before. Lyric starts to get nervous, and says that Bullet will be there in a few minutes but her eyelids start to droop, her speaking slows, and it appears that she has been drugged.  By the time the police raid the house, both of them are gone.

At the station, Danette finds herself sitting with a mother of a missing girl.  This woman has been showing up at police stations for years, hoping that one of these times she will find her daughter’s body so there can at least be a sense of closure to her pain.  For her, having hope is the most painful thing. Danette looks like she’s been shot through the heart.


Seward is upset and asks why Dale would put the idea into his head that he could do anything to change his outcome. It’s too late to change the method now.  Dale tells him, he has the choice to choose forgiveness and salvation. The tangible is no longer in his control. With that, work on the gallows finishes.  Becker, in a bid to win father of the year, brings his son to the gallows to check them out.

Skinner and Linden are alone in his office, discussing Seward. Linden is convinced he’s innocent, and they need to stop the execution.  Out of nowhere, the two of them nuzzle each other and come close to kissing.  They are blessedly interrupted by a phone call. It is the only moment I can recall in this show that has rung false to me.  I know they have a past, but there is no connection, no chemistry between these two, and I’m still trying to process it.  The call was to let them know that the pastor’s car was found.

The detectives arrive at the scene and inspect the car, which is parked in a train station lot. The back seat is covered with blood. Mark Wood is in the wind. Bullet runs to the scene looking for Lyric and is held back by a police barricade. Holder is angry and upset, thinking of all the girls they let down by letting Mark Wood get away.  Dejected, Linden heads to her car alone. Ask she settles into her seat, the cold steel of a knife is pressed against her neck.  Mark Wood, now in control, tells her to drive.

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