“The Killing” recap (3.7): Hope Kills


The next day, Holder comes up to a group of street kids, including Bullet and Lyric. They begin to scatter, including Lyric, but Bullet assured her that Holder is no threat.  She steps aside for a moment to talk to him, and he teases her playfully about her lady friend.  It’s all kinds of adorable. Holder asks Bullet about Pastor Mike and she tells him that he is barking up the wrong tree. Pastor Mike is about the only decent guy around.  Holder tells Bullet to protect that girl of hers.

CO Becker is back on the cellblock, and Seward can’t wait to start cutting him down to size. He starts blaming Becker for Alton’s death, and tries to get Seward to crack with talk of his family. He asks if the Mrs is stepping out of him, and to his delight, Becker’s eyes register something.  There is a banging sound in the distance, which Becker tells Seward is the sound of the gallows being made for him.  He then goes into graphic detail about how Seward will die by hanging, and that quiets Seward pretty quick.  Dale, his cell neighbor tells him, that he has a choice as to how he exits the world.

Back in the CO locker room, Becker tells Henderson that indeed his wife is stepping out on him. Henderson is unsympathetic, as he blames Becker’s absence for Alton’s suicide.

Danette Leed’s is still on the hunt for Kallie, and busts into Beacon Home like a blonde tornado. Pastor Mike tries to calm her and tells her that Kallie is a good kid and used to take cosmetology classes at the center. This hits Danette close to home, since that is how she makes a living.  As she climbs into her car, there is a note written on the back of a menu attached to her windshield. It makes a bold statement. “He’s lying.”

Linden Danette

Danette runs to the police station to find Linden and show her the note.  Linden and Holder think whoever wrote it wants to be found, so they head to the pizza place from the note.  There they find Rayna watching them.  They meet in a secluded area and Rayna hops into the back of the car to give them some valuable info. Around 4 a.m. the night Angie escaped from the killer, Rayna was smoking on the roof and saw Angie lying in the street.  He called Pastor Mike, who was already in his car and close by. When Angie saw the pastor, she started screaming and ran away. He chased after her and when he did return, his shirt was covered with blood.

Bullet and Lyric are hanging out, exchanging sweet nothings. Lyric asks what’s on her mind, and Bullet confesses, “I’ve been totally in love with you.” Lyric seems truly pleased by this, and Bullet promises to find them a safe place. Lyric runs her fingers across Bullet’s wrist tattoo and tells her she has complete faith.  Bullet goes to Pastor Mike for help, making up a story about Lyric’s crazy stepfather. She’s desperate to get them off the streets, and Pastor Mike says he will try to help. Bullet is grateful and tells him that the police are definitely on the wrong track about him.  And with that, Pastor Mike knows his cover is pretty much blown.

CO Henderson and Seward are alone in the prison’s medical office.  Seward needs to be weighed so the counter weight can be accurate for his execution.  Seward is having trouble steeling himself, and is practically trembling.  Henderson demands that he get on the scale, and when Seward does, Henderson’s humanity kicks in.  He tells Seward that they will do it right, and there will be no pain.  Seward breaks down.  Later on, Becker stops by Seward’s cell to ask what he wants for a last meal. Seward flips out and demands to see his lawyer, as he tears his cell apart.  Becker just watches without emotion.

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