“The Good Wife” SnapCap: “I Fought the Law” (4.1)


Alicia’s legal storyline this episode got real personal real fast, as her son gets pulled over by a cop in another county for doing nothing, getting harassed for all sorts of nonsense charges. Enough charges that it gets taken to court, with the prosecution then essentially admitting to Alicia that they’re using her son as a warning to Daddy Who’s Running For Governor to not fuck around with cops. Oh, men! Not only do you think you can mess with a lady who knows the law, but you think you can mess with a lady who knows the law when it comes to her SON? You are so stupid!

Hi, dumbass. Prepare for me to kill you with civility and smarts.

Of course, Alicia and her son, while enraged, decide to take the legal route of things to bring this cop down. They share some “let’s take on The Man” legal familial bonding, which is pretty much as warm-fuzzy as this show gets. But Daddy, who Alicia has unfortunately decided to tell this whole story to, immediately takes The Manly Route, which involves calling up the county’s state attorney and verbally threatening him, telling him that he better stop being a jackass and just clear this whole thing up. Oh, women and your silly let’s-use-the-law ways!

In the end, while the case does get cleared up, it might be Daddy who ends up being most screwed. You see, Alicia and her son have researched so well, they’ve discovered that this cop being a jerk to them might be more than a cop just being a jerk. They were pulled over on a “forfeiture corridor,” a scheme that police apparently use to be able to cash in on innocent people by impounding cars on scant evidence. Oh, the war on drugs! There is enough corruption within you for a million fascinating TV episodes!

This accusation is a big one, and it really pisses the prosecution off. That state attorney who Daddy just yelled at accordingly finds him and says, “Guess what? We’re not leaving your son, or you, alone, because you probably make more cash off of this practice than WE do, so there.” Daddy is left standing on his campaign tour bus, dumbfounded. Whoops.


The Good Wife guest star knockouts continued to not disappoint in this episode, with two gay favorites joining in. They are also two actors who are normally delightfully hilarious, but flawlessly switched into No-Nonsense roles for this episode. Kristin Chenoweth played a don’t-you-bullshit-me type of campaign reporter who grilled Alicia on her anti-feminist move of standing by a man who cheated on her, accusing her of taking women back to the ‘50s. (Awkward!) She also excels in The Good Wife tradition of ladies wearing streamlined jackets with that tantalizingly slim line of an opening, and wearing them so damn well.

The firm’s dire financial troubles, meanwhile, are currently being handled by a court-ordered trustee who’s reviewing where they’ve gone wrong and how they can make it better. This trustee is the divine Nathan Lane, who, sadly, doesn’t burst into song ONCE.

In fact, he doesn’t even crack a smile the entire episode. He is so good at being deadly serious that he scares me a little. He also clearly scares Will and Diane, but there ain’t much they can do about it. They’re told they’ll have to cut staff 30%. Ouch. The partners do share a happy scotch at the end of the episode, though, as Will’s lawyering suspension is finally raised. As they clink glasses, Alicia shows up in the hallway with her own bottle of alcoholic delight in hand to celebrate, just a minute too late. She leaves it on a table and walks away, hopefully telling herself to stop caring about such boring men.


My favorite part of The Good Wife isn’t just Kalinda kicking ass in amazing outfits–okay, just kidding, it is. But my second favorite thing about it is that it’s one of those shows that makes me feel smarter just by watching it. It’s full of fantastic, feminist, social commentary, smart writing, and there’s always one or two lines in particular each episode that make me yell out, “Oh snap!”

In this episode, my favorite bit of writing happened early on, as Alicia and her kids waited at the side of the road while Jerkface Cop searched their car. Her kids encouraged her to just use Daddy’s name to be done with this whole scene.

Alicia: We don’t use dad’s name. We use the law. [pause] You use dad’s name?
Daughter: How do we use the law?

OH SNAP! How DO we use the law, Grace? That is the question, isn’t it?

What did you think of the Season 4 opener? What do you hope to see happen for these spectacular characters this go round?

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