“The Good Wife” recap: “Naan and wine.” (4.15)

Jordan is Peter’s main campaign dude now in the midst of all of Eli’s legal troubles, and he has been instructing Peter to lay low during the debates, but they’re not going well. At the break, Alicia helps distract Jordan so Peter can dart away for three minutes and call his true long lost lover, Eli. And in a season where it appears we’ll never see Lana again and Kalinda has apparently taken an oath of abstinence since she maybe killed her husband, the bromance between Eli and Peter is the gayest thing we’ve got. Which might be OK, because it is real gay. Earlier in the episode, after Alicia and Peter’s tour bus tryst, Peter admitted, in his most Eeyore of voices, that he hadn’t really been talking to Eli much lately, looking down and sadly adjusting his tie. Here, after getting quick but solid advice over the phone about the debate, Peter says that he misses Eli being in charge of all this. Eli says, “I miss you too,” taking a verklempt moment for himself before returning back to the hell of the courtroom he’s standing outside of, a courtroom where everyone seems to be out to get him, basking in the brief moment of believing that somebody, somewhere, loves him.

Thank you, Peter.

Things actually aren’t going too badly for him in the courtroom, though, largely and surprisingly thanks to this lady:

Stroke survivors can’t be reliable witnesses, silly!

And in the end, he’s OK for now, and Peter did decently in the debate, and yay they can be in political paradise land together again, except that Eli starts packing up his stuff from Florrick headquarters anyway. He says: “I’m still damaged goods.” Poor, poor little puppy. Peter begs him to stay, even bringing him in for a full bromance hug. And finally, with a smile, Eli is convinced, and starts unpacking his staff back onto his desk, back in the saddle again. Eli + Peter 4EVA.

C’mon, just kiss already!

While I actually really enjoyed this episode, the greatest intrigue of all ended up coming in the previews for the next few episodes. (Spoiler alert!) In the span of a few brief “coming soon!” seconds, we see Kalinda demanding of Diane, “Are you getting rid of me?” and then a scene where Cary goes in for a Kalinda kiss before she turns away. He says, “Why?” and we don’t get to hear her answer. To all of which I say: 1) Pleeeease, Lockhart Gardner, you would never get rid of Kalinda unless you were absolute idiots!, and 2) Please say you reject Cary because you tell him you’re real gay. Please please please!

For now, we’ll have to wait, but I’m excited. What are your thoughts?

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