“The Good Wife” recap: “Naan and wine.” (4.15)


In other hot lady news, Amanda Peet comes into the picture because Lockhart Gardner are trying to get in on a deal with the state attorney’s office, where she now works. She gives Will a hard time during his interview for the deal, during which we’re also introduced to her new bangs, which I am really not a fan of at first.

Seriously, the bangs are more interesting than whatever this storyline is.

But then when Will confronts her to be a jerk about what he perceived as her being a jerk to him, she’s in a new outfit with her hair down and the bangs seem more windswept or something and all of a sudden she is just exuding natural, glorious, flawless sexiness all over my screen?

Will then wraps up this semi-angry, semi-flirty back and forth between them by bringing her a bottle of wine, and yep, yep, it’s conclusive. Amanda Peet is as hot as ever. Lockhart Gardner didn’t get the deal, though. But thanks for the vino, brother!

In things that really aren’t hot news, Alicia and Peter are still apparently having lunchtime trysts in his tour bus. Seriously, what is the appeal of this? Why do you keep having sex in uncomfortable places? But I’m not super mad about it this time because it allows us to see this.

Just like what I wear under my work clothes every day! (NOTE: It’s not.)

When not having tour bus sex, Alicia has decided to resolve the Bishop budget issue by simply cutting her own hours on the case, instead of Cary’s or anyone else’s. Everyone wins; no one’s mad! That is, until Diane comes in to rain on her parade once again and say, nope, not good enough. You have to pull in the reins on everyone else, while maintaining your own overworked pace. Welcome to the sisterhood! In truth, though, I sort of hate everything about the speech Diane gives here. She essentially says, if you don’t act like their boss, they’ll never consider you one, and you’ll never ever be successful. I know that this is of course simply the dog eat dog reality of high stakes businesses, as The Good Wife exposes so acutely every single episode, but it really seems like Diane is just trying to coach Alicia into how to be mean. And I can’t help but feel that it’s all just stupid. And maybe that just means that how business works is stupid, but, stupid philosophy is stupid. You don’t have to be mean and cold to get people to respect you.

Naw, you really do.

Alicia sets off from this weird conversation to go witness the weirdest of all conversations: a televised political debate. It’s time for the gubernatorial debates between Maddie and Peter, and as Alicia and Maddie briefly run into each other beforehand, Maddie can’t get out of hyper political mode and believes Alicia’s been thrown in her path simply to knock her off her game. Alicia rolls her eyes and says this gem:

“You know, they’re always wondering if men and women can really be friends. But the real question is — can women?”

…Yeah, so maybe not.

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