“The Good Wife” recap: Death, love and St. Patrick’s Day (4.17)


They set up Alicia to believe she was in danger in order to get more information out of her. Classy act, guys! She tells them to go fuck themselves. Someone make a montage of Alicia telling powerful men off in this episode, because she has been on fire.

Speaking of powerful men getting what’s coming to them, Peter also punches out Kresteva in the bathroom for talking shit about his son. He reasons, the story of him punching Kresteva in the face will sound just as ridiculous as Zach being busted for pot. Hah! Hah! Peter, you are funny, sometimes.

And to bring all the family drama to a smashing finish, Momma Channing has also revealed to the kids whilst at the Irish pub that 1) Alicia was already pregnant with Zach when she and Peter got married, and 2) Grace was an accident. Whoops! Good call, Grandma. They all meet up at the Shamrock Shindig and Alicia admits that, yes, she was pregnant with Zach and she was embarrassed, so she changed the wedding date later so no one would know. But no, Grace was not a mistake. Tearily, she says, “I loved Zach before he was born. I loved you before you were born. I love you even more now.” Grace asks, “And Dad?” Alicia pauses before she says, “I love him.” And this moment of her hugging her daughter on this fancy staircase, tearily looking out into the crowd, is one of the most poignant of the episode. Because Alicia has now done everything that she was supposed to do, that she wanted herself to do. She is the good wife, the good lawyer, the good friend, the good mother. But for some reason, as she watches the cardinal shake the hand of the husband she just said she loved, I still don’t know if I believe her.

Ashbaugh’s killer, by the way, ended up being the owner of the barky dog, after all. The police don’t believe Kalinda when she figures it out, with all the other sketchy stuff he was involved in, but she deadpans, “Have you MET a dog lover?” In Alicia’s final flashback, as she dances with Peter in the present, she also realizes that dead Matthew Ashbaugh might have actually spent all that time in silly litigation with her because he was in love with her. Who could blame him? Poor, kooky man. Oh, and the Catholic cardinal ends up not hugging Kresteva OR Peter, so there’s that. Like most things with the campaign, Eli’s elated; no one else cares.

Without a doubt, this was one of the finest episodes of the Good Wife ever. I loved the suspense and the mystery, the flashbacks, the raw emotion of so many relationships, the loyalties, and Kalinda, even besides her flirting with a lady in a bar, swooping in to be the badass one who figures it all out. While Kalinda has definitely helped in some capacity for most of the cases this season, she had a sense of power and righteousness in the few scenes she was in this episode that I had missed.

What did you think? And what do you think Diane will decide?

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