“The Good Wife” recap: Death, love and St. Patrick’s Day (4.17)

Alicia in these flashbacks is so interesting, too, aside from her obvious sexual satisfaction with Mr. Gardner. Even in the earlier flashbacks where all we saw were attorney-client interactions between her and Ashbaugh, she seemed happier, lighter, younger, quicker to laugh. And while she obviously literally was younger, she wasn’t that much younger. Not that much time has passed, yet the Alicia of today is so much harder, so much sadder, hiding so much more.

The still-alive feelings from the flashbacks obviously aren’t only in Alicia’s head, being that when Will is finally clued in to what’s going on, he rushes immediately to the police station, ignoring Alicia’s protests. When he arrives, Alicia giggles at his valiantness. She then glances out from the room they’re in and sees Amanda Peet staring in at them, nervously. And at that moment, decisions Alicia has been running from seem to cement. She continues to laugh with her eyes as she asks Will, “We were good, weren’t we?” But it’s a sad laughter, a resigned smile. She says they’re holding each other back. Will says, “Alicia, I’m fine,” as if how he was feeling was the sole topic of this conversation. She disagrees; things aren’t fine. She’s being selfish, she says, acting like things that are in the past aren’t. This is when the tears start to form. She’s with Peter, she says. Now, this has to end. Will says what we all feel when someone breaks a relationship off, even when the relationship isn’t defined, and cuts off the feelings that are still there: “Can you just decide that?” She says, “I can. I have to.” He replies, quietly, “Then OK.” And if Julianna Margulies doesn’t get all the awards for this episode, I don’t even know.

Our girl Kalinda, meanwhile, is out there being her badass self at the police car lot where they’re looking over the killer’s car. The police detective is waving her off, telling her she’s not going to get any info. Kalinda hounds them until they at least reveal the make and model. Which, of course, was their first mistake. The thing about that car? She says, tipping them that she’s on to their game: it doesn’t have GPS.


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