“The Good Wife” recap: Death, love and St. Patrick’s Day (4.17)

Kalinda goes to Cary at the Shamrock Shake Thing to see if he has any information on this possible suspect police officer from his days at the state attorney’s office; he’s not supposed to swap info like that but eventually complies when he learns Alicia might be threatened. As Kalinda gets up to leave, he squeezes her hand for a moment. She pauses for exactly that one moment, then continues on her way. Alicia’s more important than you right now, Cary. And let’s be honest, she always will be.

Her emotions are just as hidden to us, buddy.

As Kalinda hurries away in the dark, she calls Alicia to ask if she remembers anything else about another murder Ashbaugh had been agitated about. Something about this case rattles more flashback memories out of Alicia’s brain, and these are much more distracting for her, because these ones involve sexy times, and lots of them. And all of them with Will.

This is particularly awkward, as Amanda Peet has just adorably asked Alicia for advice as a friend. She feels sometimes like Will is flirting with her but she’s not sure and she knows it’s so high school but what does Alicia think? And it’s not all in Peet’s head; we’ve seen the flirting, too. Like the perfect martyr Alicia is, she tells Peet to ask him out. A decision which she is now obviously thinking deeply about in the midst of these memories.

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