“The Good Wife” recap: Death, love and St. Patrick’s Day (4.17)

At the police station, Amanda Peet is about to give Alicia a ride back to the Uptight Shamrock Gala when the police detective runs after them and shuffles them into a room. They found the killer’s car, he says. Yay, good news, right? Sort of, he says. There was a GPS in the car. They ran it to find out the next address in the system it was headed to. And that address was Alicia’s apartment.


Alicia immediately calls home; Grace picks up. Everything is fine there; crazy momma Stockard Channing is even on the scene. Alicia tells her mom to get them out of there; she complies. As they leave the house, they see that both Momma Channing’s and Zach’s cars are blocked in. Welp, guess we’ll all just have to go to a bar! On the way, Momma Channing asks Grace why she’s so into religion all of a sudden. “Is it your father? It’s always the philanderers who go to Jesus.” Ha! The grandmas on this show are the best grandmas of all time. And when I say best, I mean weirdest, which is often the same thing.

“Yes, I will go get your children drunk, straight away.”

Attorney-client privilege now out the window due to her life possibly being in danger, Alicia reveals to Amanda Peet that Ashbaugh once got into an altercation with a specific police officer. The one slightly unrealistic part of this episode for me was the fact that she could remember the officer’s name so clearly from one brief altercation that was presumably quite a while ago, but I’ll forgive it. When they bring in the officer for questioning, Alicia overhears him getting worked up about it all. He says that Ashbaugh’s better off dead, anyway. “He deserved it.” Here, Alicia truly starts to feel uncomfortable. She picks up her phone and calls who she always calls when she’s nervous: Kalinda. Kalinda, who is currently here:

Yes! Finally! Flirting with a hot woman in a bar! Ugh! We have missed you! The woman tells Kalinda she’s a massage therapist! Kalinda says, “Oh, really?” Ugh! Yes! This feels so right! If anything is indeed happening between her and Cary, obviously it isn’t exclusive, although nobody should be surprised at that. But then she gets the call, and she can’t ignore Alicia, although she does say, “Now?” and glances longingly over at the massage therapist, who is currently advancing her hands towards hers, but Alicia says yes, now, and Kalinda can’t say no to her, so she sighs. Sorry, massage therapist. Thank you for that beautiful thirty seconds, anyway.

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