“The Good Wife” recap: Death, love and St. Patrick’s Day (4.17)

At the party, Peter and Eli have sat down Diane to ask her to take the seat of the state Supreme Court justice who died in that car crash we learned about last episode. Diane appears to be genuinely shocked. And flattered. And overjoyed. Me? A Supreme Court judge? Girl power, Diane! Although, of course, this would mean having to leave Lockhart Gardner, where she and Will have invested so much blood and tears and money. Peter and Eli tell her she has until the end of the night to decide. She gives a wonderful, short little “shut-the-fuck-up” laugh before walking away.

I have two hours to decide whether to change my life as I know it? Swell.

Peter then has the opportunity to finally get in a word with the Almighty Catholic; the cardinal gives Peter his condolences about his son. Peter and Eli stare back, unable to hide their confusion. They are unaware that Kresteva has informed the cardinal that the reason the cops showed up to fetch Alicia was because of Zach and his marijuana problems. (Remember when they found that planted smidge of pot residue in his car?) Ah, Kresteva. You sneaky bastard. In other news, let’s discuss what a sweet ass outfit the cardinal gets to wear, amIright?

You rock that Catholic swag.

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