“The Good Wife” recap: Death, love and St. Patrick’s Day (4.17)

Matthew Ashbaugh, the dead client played by the ever impressive and decidedly creepy John Noble, is an eccentric man with an Eastern European accent who carries around a speaker in order to play the same Bach song over and over, during every conversation wherever he goes. He has a hand in some drug business but also appears to frequently want to sue whoever’s annoying him that day, once including a guy whose dog barked too much. In this instance, Ashbaugh has much in common with a certain Angel and an akita named Evita who won’t shut up, but alas, this isn’t mentioned.

See, if you play nonstop…

That pup will breathe its very last high strung breath.

Back in non-flashback reality land, a few things have happened. Alicia’s started to quiet up about Ashbaugh the more the police press her; even though he’s recently deceased, Alicia’s worried about attorney-client privilege. Amanda Peet has shown up as another kind friend of the state to help convince her that it in fact isn’t attorney-client privilege, only she’s much nicer about it. Also, cuter.

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