“The Good Wife” recap: “Batman and Robyn.” (4.16)


The two go into Cary’s office; he tells them what he needs. They walk out; Kalinda promptly walks back in and shuts the door in Robyn’s face. This is so good!

“You have a sidekick now, Batman?”

Alas, turns out that Robyn, not surprisingly, is a perky but smart cookie, and catches some witness intimidations on Audra McDonald’s side of the table, as well. What a clean case this is! Yayyy!

Later, Cary and Kalinda meet for drinks. Kalinda had warned Cary to keep his head lower about threatening to go out on his own; Cary thanks her for the warning. Kalinda says, all in a day’s work. Cary replies, except that it’s not. He looks at her; she asks what he wants. He leans in for the kiss; she shakes her head, says no.

Cary: Why?
Kalinda: Because you want more, and I can’t give you more.
Cary: Because of women?
Kalinda: No.
Cary: Because we work together?
Kalinda: Yes.
Cary: Well, I’m thinking of leaving, so. (smirk, grin, wink)

Kalinda then invites him to continue, saying, “Well, then, say something nice.” He says something incredibly lame about how she looks great and he likes the way her hair falls, or something so atrociously weak that she cuts him off, rolling her eyes. But then she gives him Kalinda eyes, and does her delicious biting-her-lip Kalinda thing, and the camera leaves us there. The next morning at the office there is just the slightest bit of awkwardness between them, at least on Kalinda’s part, that it’s left open as to whether something actually happened after the bar, or if just the possibility of something happening is simply hanging in the air.

While I’m not sure exactly where this will lead, I have to say that there was something about the “Because of women?” question and her “No” response that I actually liked. I liked that he asked it in a non-derogatory way (i.e. Nick), but simply in an honest way, and I like that she answered so decidedly yet not flippant. To me, Kalinda has never doubted her queerness, to herself or anyone else, and I don’t think her “no” answer is a denial. Rather, it’s an affirmation of her bisexuality. She almost rolls her eyes when he asks it, as in, God, just because I sleep with women doesn’t mean I always have to sleep with women. Silly Cary, don’t you know I don’t fit in a box?

And despite myself, I like Cary. At the very least, he respects Kalinda, and her boundaries, more than Nick ever did, and might even be more honest with her than Lana was, although it’s hard to say that for sure. And it’s nice to see Kalinda at least being ready to offer up a more vulnerable side of herself again post-Nick, but, still. As with any Kalinda relationship possibility, I just never know what the outcome will be, for herself, or for Cary.

But to wrap up Lemond Bishop’s corrupt tale, the only witness Audra McDonald ends up having left is Bishop’s own sister, played by Tracie Thoms, otherwise known as Rent’s Joanne. Feeling protective of Bishop’s son and hoping she can get custody, she’s decided to take back her alibi of Bishop’s whereabouts the night of the murder, testifying that he was gone all night. Don’t worry though, Charles Lester then shows up at her house, and the next day, she magically retracts her testimony! Charles Lester creep feelings now 100% confirmed!

Intimidating your own sister — it’s all in the game.

Not being clued into this intimidation business, however, Alicia has stayed up all night researching ways to make the sister’s testimony not count just, you know, based on the law. She arrives to the courtroom the next day full of smiles and confidence and pride, about to present her findings before the judge bursts her bubble and says they’re not necessary. After the retraction, the prosecutors had nothing left on their side, and she orders Bishop’s release. He and Charles Lester share triumphant hugs; Alicia slowly sinks back into her seat. Seems that, once again, despite all her best intentions, the game was won the dirty way, the only way Bishop seems to trust.

What are your feelings about Bishop and Charles Lester? How do you feel about Robyn? And perhaps most importantly, what do you think is in store for Kalinda and Cary?

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