“The Good Wife” recap: “Batman and Robyn.” (4.16)


Alicia confronts Charles Lester, bringing up his record of assassinations and deaths after he joins defense teams; he is of course full of ignorant bliss. “Defense lawyers are in the business of being misunderstood,” he retorts. Alicia repeats what she’s said before, that this case doesn’t have to be won the dirty way, that it can be won through the law alone. She says she’ll take the next witness interview alone; he reminds her that Bishop advised her to take him along. “Are you saying I don’t have a choice?” “I’m saying he advised you.” Charles Lester gives me the major creeps.

Let’s be friends!

The interview for a second assistant process has also landed on this gem of a girl, a college age smiling blonde thing who shows up in a sweatshirt with a huge gross stain on the collar. She explains that HR rescheduled her interview and told her to show up right away, and right away happened to be in the middle of babysitting her sister’s kids. Played by Jess Weixler, she appears ridiculously unprofessional and also very much real; perky but still likeable.

While Diane is obviously 100% dubious, Will and Alicia vouch for her, Alicia on the grounds that she won’t challenge Kalinda, which is a good thing, Will on the fact that the best investigator is one you don’t see coming. I agree with both arguments. Diane and Will ask Kalinda to train her. Kalinda says, “Uh, train her in what?” Will says, “What you do.” Kalinda gives her politest, “Thanks but no thanks,” Will and Diane give their politest, “Yes, but you have to,” Kalinda gives her most fuck-you, “OK.”

And then they meet, and it is so wonderful. This girl, Robyn, is the complete opposite of Kalinda, and after seeing Kalinda’s face upon introduction, quips, “I know, I couldn’t believe they hired me, either.” Kalinda gives a blank stare. Robyn says, “People here sure must have a lot of money for clothes. I’ve never seen clothes like this!” Kalinda gives a blank stare. I am in love with Robyn.

Yeah, no.

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