“The Good Wife” recap: “Batman and Robyn.” (4.16)


Strangely enough, Kalinda has noticed the influx of retired police waiting in the lobby, and storms into Will’s office, not giving a shit that he’s meeting with other clients. She asks out right, “Am I being replaced?”

And don’t give me any bullshit.

But bullshit Will gives her, saying they’re “expanding her department — congratulations, you’re a department now.” She replies, “I don’t have a desk, but I have a department?” She also asks if the new investigator will be working under her. Will says, not necessarily. So she has a department but she’s not the head of it? Yeah, basically. Awesome.

He says that it’s “a good thing,” that it means more work, more prestige. She says, “Somehow, when people say more prestige, they normally mean less power.” He yells, “Hey, check on that thing!” as she walks out. Good talk!

The thing he wants her to check on is a client who’s paid his bill in full, an apparently rare occurrence which might signify his departure from Lockhart Gardner. As Kalinda presses him, he eventually releases the information that he might be interested in a smaller firm, a firm that one of Lockhart Gardner’s own lawyers had hinted about. Kalinda soon figures out that it’s a lawyer by the name of Cary Agos.

You sneaky fox.

Meanwhile, the appalling Lemond Bishop-Charles Lester business comes to a head when Alicia is called into judge’s chambers to hear that Audra McDonald and her children have been followed and harassed. As has been happening all episode, we can see the inner turmoil within Alicia all over her face, seen most clearly when McDonald shouts, tears running down her face, “Come on! You’re a mom! Imagine if this happened to one of your kids?” The judge reminds Alicia that intimidating witnesses, or even knowing about it and withholding information, is not just a disbarrable offense but illegal. You can practically hear the Charles Lester doubts shouting in Alicia’s brain, but she has no choice but to stand her ground and say she has no knowledge of anything of the sort. Which, technically, she doesn’t. As McDonald barges out of the room, she asks Alicia when she sold her soul.

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