“The Good Wife” recap: “Batman and Robyn.” (4.16)

It’s also clear-ish that Bishop actually wasn’t responsible for this one, even though Cary and Kalinda keep uncovering lies Bishop has told about knowing who the woman was. The best lead on the actual perpetrator, however, the girl’s abusive husband, has been found dead. And the only alibi Bishop has for where he was the night of the murder is his sister, who Bishop tells Alicia is just lying to be nice. In better news, though, his adorable son does have a killer jump shot.

Bishop informs Alicia that he wants her and Cary to work with his personal lawyer, Charles Lester. Cary and Alicia prepare themselves to meet this mysterious Mr. Lester, ready to see someone formidable, but he ends up looking like — well, like one of America’s favorite small men who make funny faces and funny voices, Wallace Shawn.


Charles Lester is a bumbling goof of a man who’s constantly rifling through crinkled notes and messy yellow legal pads; when they interview witnesses together, he asks short, strange, irrelevant personal questions. But if The Good Wife has taught us anything, it’s that you can never trust the goofy ones. Especially when all the witnesses they interview end up, somehow, after meeting Lester, changing their testimony when they’re on the stand, all in Bishop’s favor. Audra McDonald becomes increasingly flustered; Cary and Alicia become increasingly perplexed, and the only people who don’t seem surprised are Charles Lester and Lemond Bishop. Hmmm.

Back in the Lockhart Gardner offices, the interviews for a new investigator have begun, first with a chummy retired police sergeant who Alicia throws one last question to: “How do you feel about working with a female investigator?” He replies, “No problems here. I love the ladies, and the ladies love me!” The looks on both Diane and Alicia’s faces are precious. Your misogyny probably worked in the police force, buddy, but it ain’t gonna get you anywhere here!



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