“The Good Wife” recap (5.9): Whack-a-Mole


Damian also pushes Kalinda more into the spotlight, as a creeped out and suspicious Diane tells her to vet their newest member. The first thing Damian does when he sits down with Kalinda is to tell her that he “doesn’t believe” in female investigators. Ha! Ha!


5goodwife9screencap13Kalinda’s smirk is the only thing holding this shit together right now.

He continues to give condescending, false answers to every one of Kalinda’s questions. She confronts him later as he gets into the elevator, informing him that she’s going to call him out on his bull sooner or later, so be ready for it. I know that Damian’s continuing presence, and his conflicts with Kalinda, will be a main thread for her for the rest of the season, according to the Kings. I mean, going after him with a baseball bat as she did to her husband would be enjoyable to see, and I always like Kalinda making fools out of dumb men. But good gracious, isn’t it time we gave her a storyline that involved things other than butting heads with dumb white men? Because seriously, there is so much else she could be doing, you guys.


5goodwife9screencap15I also only just noticed the “LG” in the background. It is bad.

Back in Florrick Agos land, after a whole bunch of Internet/law wrangling, Alicia and Cary end up essentially winning the Scabbit thing, bringing Diane and Will to the t-shirt factory office for the first time to negotiate a settlement across cheap card tables. As they walk into the fledgling center of Florrick Agos, Will is full of nothing but gleeful derision, but Diane is almost wistful, seeing memories of themselves in the scene, in the early days of Lockhart Gardner. Will shrugs this sentimentality off. Whatever, Will. Diane is wiser than you, and Alicia and Cary still beat you.

I have a surprising amount of issues about this case o’ the week, though, at the end. There was potential for so much good material. The fact that the FBI/CIA are possibly using social media and crowdsourcing as part of their investigative tactics is a big, slippery, dangerous deal, and while this was brought up at the beginning of the episode, it then lost all traction as the case honed in on the Scabbit site itself, focusing on lots of complicated but in the end somewhat boring Internet freedom and anonymity legal issues, very similar to Chumhum cases of the week. Meanwhile, a Muslim scholar was completely racially profiled, harassed by both the federal government and countless hacks on the Internet, leading to a somewhat complete destruction of his life, via the loss of his job and the unraveling of his book deal.

Yet, again, he doesn’t even appear after the first half of the episode, as we become more involved in the destructive drama of Damian instead of the totally upsetting injustice of Zayeed’s life. Sure, it appears that he will receive a substantial settlement, but in the end the blame is still focused on Scabbit, instead of a societal and systemic pattern of prejudice and discrimination. I know the beauty of The Good Wife is that it doesn’t always delve into moralistic preachiness, but, well, sometimes I want it to.

Anyhow, the judge in the case was once again played brilliantly by Jeffrey Tambor, George Senior, and the episode ends somewhat strangely as a phone call from him tears Alicia away from the negotiating Zayeed’s settlement with Will and Diane. Alicia greets him with a smile over the phone at first, as he has been kind to her during their time in court, but her smile falters slightly when he asks her out for a cup of coffee.


While this clearly seems like an invitation to a date, it may not be–Judge George had also offered encouragement to Alicia in court over her new firm, as it reminded him of when he himself was in the trenches of starting a new firm. Perhaps he wants to offer her some business advice? I don’t know, but it’ll be interesting to see where that one heads. I love his character on the show, and will be happy to see more of him.

So what are your thoughts on this Damian guy? Am I being too harsh in my assessment? What methods should Kalinda employ to kick his ass?

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