“The Good Wife” recap (5.9): Whack-a-Mole


And when we’re not focused on Damian and Scabbit, a separate drama is unfolding between Eli and Jackie, and oh, how delicious these always are! AND this one involves Miss Idgie Threadgoode herself, Mary Stuart Masterson, here playing a lawyer named Rachel. Rachel is who Eli has picked out to replace Diane Lockhart for the vacant judgeship position. But when Jackie happens to see a meeting between Rachel and Eli at a restaurant, she pulls Eli aside to say, sternly and assuredly, “I don’t think so, buster.”



The reason behind her defiance is a personal one, which elicits some fantastic and emotional acting on the part of Mary Beth Peil. Rachel apparently carried on an affair with Jackie’s husband way back in the day, and Jackie’ll be damned if she gets appointed to judgeship under her own son’s governorship. When she explains all this to Eli and he still won’t back down, she takes matters into her own hands, threatening Rachel that she’ll spill the beans about the affair to Rachel’s husband, even as he lays in a hospital bed, dying of cancer. Listen, y’all: you don’t mess with Jackie Florrick. Rachel backs away from the judgeship, to Eli’s chagrin.



5goodwife9screencap9You really never learn, do you, Eli?

Diane, meanwhile, attempts to take some modicum of control by calling a meeting to recall Damian the Douchebag, an idea which had originally been David Lee’s. But then when she calls for the votes, both David Lee and Howard Lyman are like, “We changed our minds. We discovered that he’s a funny guy who affirms all of our misogynistic, moral-less personality traits, so, let’s keep him!” Diane reclines into her leather chair in defeat. God, Diane’s current life makes me so sad.



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