“The Good Wife” recap (5.7): Warrior Princess Mode


After Diane presumably hands over Alicia’s partnership money, Alicia shows up to testify in the Chippewa adoption malpractice suit. She’s cool and collected, explaining that she did everything correctly, including informing the adoptive parents about the Chippewa heritage and possible complications therein, but that anyway, the actual supervising lawyer on the case was David Lee. Classily, though, she refuses to impugn her former employers further, even when the opposing lawyer, played by Christian Borle, pushes her to. The most important thing about this scene is that Diane Lockhart says some complicated German word flawlessly and it is a gorgeous second of television. The second most important thing is that Christian Borle reveals that Lockhart Gardner sent the Chippewa tribe a $10,000 bribe to not oppose the adoption, and that it was this very bribe that turned the tribe against it.

This is news to Alicia, and apparently Diane, and also suddenly gives a lot more heft to the scary $6 million suit. After this, David Lee begins an effort to turn the responsibility for the suit from his shoulders to rest squarely on Alicia’s. He calls her up to let her know that since she became a partner in the middle of the adoption case, and since she did a majority of the work on it, she is personally responsible for it. Luckily, Nathan Lane is around, and he’s able to jump in and say, I was handling the books at that time, and you are full of shit, David Lee. One more for Alicia.

Except—when the pressure is fully on David again, he places the blame on Anthony, one of the fourth years that left with Cary and Alicia. You know, he’s the annoying one who keeps harping on about the bonuses, who threatened to sell them all out when he was about to get fired at Lockhart Gardner. Anthony says to Alicia, yep, I did that, and I got crazy old Howard Lyman to sign off on it. Florrick Agos is all, “Man, are you a jackass! But go testify against Lyman, because that’ll finally get this off our backs.” So Anthony goes. And then—and then!!!—he says that he wrote the check not under Old Man Lyman, or under David Lee. He did it all under Alicia’s direction. Under Alicia’s direction, and Alicia’s only.

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Alicia is flabbergasted. I am flabbergasted. When she confronts him after he walks out of the conference room, he doesn’t even respond, but walks right to Diane, who shakes his hand and welcomes him back to the firm. David Lee explains that there was a partner opening, you see, and Anthony was glad to take it. Have fun collecting that $6 million, he says.


So. Much. Rage. Here’s the thing, though, after a few hours of thinking about it: Anthony is the worst. The worst of the worst of the worst. And now he’s a PARTNER at Lockhart Gardner? For crying out loud, Diane, I know you want to get back at Alicia, and I know you want this lawsuit gone, but good god, at what cost?! You know now that he will openly lie during legal testimony, and will do anything that serves him and him only. Good luck with that, y’all! My rage for Alicia is still burning in a fierce way, and yes, Anthony will be able to fill Lockhart Gardner in on all of the woes and secrets of the young Florrick Agos. But evil only lasts so long, even in the law. In time, Florrick Agos will be able to say good riddance to THAT. (Hopefully, if they last that long.) We can only hope that one day Kalinda will be able to kick him in the balls.

Other things in this episode: Alicia’s brother shows up again when he randomly runs into Will and Will fills him in, albeit not willingly, on Alicia’s current status of working for herself from her living room, which Owen knew nothing about. Owen then comforts Alicia about her heartache over Will, which it’s clear to him this is all about, which she ignores. He does note that she seems to be in “warrior princess mode,” and this she happily concurs with. “Well, I’m kicking butt,” she says with a delicious smile. Owen then actually goes to Lockhart Gardner to inform Will that the reason Alicia left was because she was afraid of falling in love with him, and that, essentially, he should go get it. This seems a bit bold of Owen, but then again, he is one of the only people on this show who seems okay with actually expressing real emotions, so, I suppose it’s nice to have that balance. The atmosphere between Will and Alicia themselves also seems to warm slightly from the arctic chill it’s been frozen in, slowly melting from hostility to longing.

Zach determines that the webcam hack in their computers wasn’t from Lockhart Gardner, but from some douche at his school who has been filming Grace naked and putting it online, which is so skeevy and gross that Zach rightly punches him out in the halls of their school, where they apparently have fancy uniforms but no hall monitors in sight. After thinking that he’s taken care of it, however, Zach is surprised to once again notice the little green recording light flashing on his own computer at the end of the episode. Dun dun dun, someone out there is still being creepy and weird.

The Jeff case remains unresolved, a storyline that is clearly going to continue throughout the season. Since they can’t get enough evidence, Geneva offers a plea deal of two years in prison. Jeff still says he didn’t do it, so Will rejects the deal. But Geneva is then finally able to process full DNA results, and Jeff is a perfect match. He now faces up to six months behind bars until the trial begins. Jeff is distraught, and still not straying from his complete innocence, which Will is hesitantly standing by. I still stand with Kalinda’s instincts, but, man, I don’t know! If he’s lying, he is a really, really good actor. I’m intrigued to find out what happens next.

Finally, after Alicia’s day from hell, Cary kindly leads her over to Nathan Lane once she returns home, who has one sliver of good news for her: he wants to work for them, full time. He’s passed the bar, and he has all the business background, too. He could be a key asset. And he’ll work for free. When Alicia asks why, he somewhat bashfully says that he just loves the law. He loves the law! I love him! Of course, once the firm is profitable, he’ll want his salary retroactively. Alicia smiles. It’s a deal.

While this episode included slightly less of the high drama of the last two episodes, it was still totally solid, and allowed us to sink into the rhythm of the rest of this season, setting the course from here on out, and I am ready for it. What are your thoughts?

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