“The Good Wife” recap (5.7): Warrior Princess Mode

Making this episode even better is the fact that Kalinda is back on the scene in a real way this episode, doing some out on the street investigating again, the first time we’ve seen her do anything other than push paper around the Lockhart Gardner offices in what feels like forever. And she wears the loveliest leather jacket while doing so! We first see her helping to question Jeff, who’s now sitting in jail until Geneva Pine can wrangle up enough evidence to formally charge him with murder. As Jeff immediately and vehemently denies any possible wrongdoing in the case, constantly implying that he is as removed from this girl and this murder as anyone can possibly be, Kalinda’s perfectly glossed lips twitch and her eyes roll ever so slightly, indicating that every one of her Kalinda bullshit sensors is going off. As soon as they leave the cell, she says, “He did it.” Will says no. Kalinda’s like, “Nope, he did it.” This guy is a puzzle: he seems incredibly sincere, and you can tell Will really believes him, or at least wants to, but you best listen to Kalinda’s bullshit sensors.


Kalinda then investigates an uncle Jeff mentioned, although this interestingly ends up being a dead end. As she begins questioning him at his doorstep, he interrupts to ask, clearly confused about all of this: “Who are you?” To which she responds, simply, beautifully: “Kalinda.”


As she continues to explain the situation, he stops her once again when he realizes she’s searching for a male member of the family. He disappears into the house and returns with a photo. “This is me. Pre-op.” He says that it was over 20 years ago, and his nephew has no idea—that he’s always just been Uncle Jimmy to him. Trans characters seamlessly integrated into major network shows like it ain’t no thang: yes, please. More, please.



Kalinda then moves onto Jeff’s half-brother, a lovely seeming chap who works at some type of warehouse, who spits his gum onto the ground in response to her greeting. When she asks where he was on the day in August last year when he called out sick from work, he suddenly hurdles over a table, shoves Kalinda in the ribs into a pallet of crates, and runs out the door. Kalinda calmly brushes herself off, and proceeds to collect that spit out gum for DNA.


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