“The Good Wife” recap (5.6): The Next Day

When Florrick & Agos finally get the files for the gun control case, they’re all, YAYYY, except almost everything has been redacted from them. Like, everything. Aw, snap, Lockhart Gardner. Except this is already exhausting me, and I want to yell, “Stop being babies and give them the files!” But alas, I guess that wouldn’t make for as compelling of an episode. So they go back to Grandpa Gilmore, who shakes his head at Will once again, and while Diane is now full of fire and pushes back, Cary still wins.


Interesting note here: Robin comes in to give Cary evidence while Kalinda is being interviewed as part of this whole thing. When Robin realizes Kalinda is also present in the room, there is an awkward, “Hi,” “Hi,” exchange that goes on, but it is not really antagonistic, probably the first Florrick Agos/Lockhart Gardner interaction that has NOT been antagonistic. It is almost friendly, in a hesitating way. Meaning: the dream of Robin and Kalinda still having some type of relationship in the future lives on! Never say die!


As Alicia continues to argue the case in court, she also pulls a switcheroo that packs yet another punch to Diane’s perfect face, although I honestly don’t believe Alicia means it personally. She hires Kurt–as in Diane’s husband Kurt–to be the ballistics expert on the case, the case that used to be Diane’s, to help her win the case that Diane wanted to win. Kurt does resist this conflict of interest at first, but then Alicia points out that the case isn’t actually about them, but a woman whose husband died unnecessarily. Which is, by the way, the first time anyone in this episode has pointed this out. Kurt can’t resist this notion of, you know, justice.

In the end, though, Lockhart Gardner still refuses to give over the entirety of the case files, finally getting the upper hand by some financial wrangling of Heather’s retainer agreement. Heather goes back to Lockhart Gardner, essentially being bullied to their side. Diane walks triumphantly into the courtroom; Alicia and Cary awkwardly exit. The first battle is complete.

After getting the confirmation of her judge fail from Peter, Diane asks Will if he’ll have her back. Since Will is still in Hulk Smash mode, he’s like, “Sure, as long as you will also smash with me!” Diane says she’s game, albeit with a little less crazy eyes than Will continues to sport.

Florrick & Agos, meanwhile, continue running around Alicia’s apartment, desperately in need of office space. Some lowly tax lawyers have extra space and offer to help them out, until they learn at the end of the episode that Lockhart Gardner has bought them out, and they can no longer extend the offer. Will raises his fists in the air in exultation. Hulk Smash!

Some other weird stuff that goes on: It turns out that drop dead gorgeous Ethics Marilyn is also pregnant, and keeps puking as she also keeps hanging out around Alicia’s apartment, waiting for her to be not-busy so they can chat. Turns out what she really wants isn’t too brief a startup on ethics, but to get the scoop on Peter possibly having personal matters interfere with his politics. (i.e., going after Chumhum to get them to go to Alicia’s side). Weird than an ethics officer would be interested in that! Alicia essentially tells her to back off, and it seems like Marilyn does, but it’s clear Peter is not going to get out of this season unscathed.

Also, the tattoo artist that Will continues to have lots of rage-fueled sex with says out of the blue, “So I know we’ve only known each other for three days, but I want your baby. Like, I just want a baby. So I want you to put your sperm in me and then leave.” And Will’s like, “Huh?” And she’s like, “Haha, just kidding, God, I can’t believe you fell for that, silly,” and then later, she’s like, “No, but, baby.” So. That’s weird! Man, I can’t wait for all the messes Will is going to get himself into this season.

What were your thoughts on “The Day After”?

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