“The Good Wife” recap (5.6): The Next Day

As the trial gets under way, Diane and Evil Nancy Crozier are soon whisked into judge’s chambers, where they’re informed there’s been an “administrative” issue. Enter in Heather with Alicia Florrick and Cary Agos. Richard Kind goes through this hilarious bit in his chambers where he asks them all to hold their fists in their hands and “squash” their frustration down so the other can talk, a stress release technique he teaches to gang members, he says, to the point where they are all sitting in a row, Cary and Alicia and Diane and Nancy Crozier, and he’s like, “Squash it! Squash it!” until they finally all do it and I am dying.



But in the end Heather still wants to go with Alicia, who she knows. So Diane isn’t going to be a judge, and she isn’t going to get to argue what she thinks will be her last case, which involves an issue she’s passionate about. It is already shaping up to be a rough day for Diane Lockhart.

Will is obviously pissed about what appears to be a client-snatching when he learns of it, and is like, hey, whatever, we’ll just refuse to give them the case files. Or rather, they pretend to send over the case files, but all the boxes are filled with fake rats, because Will is really mature. Alicia says, fine, I’ll just refer this to the mediation thing where lawyers who can’t be nice to each other have to go, the one who brought you down a few years ago, Mr. Will. Which is obviously meant to be an ouch but just makes Will more determined. Grandpa Gilmore rules over this mediation, and sides with Alicia. One for Florrick & Agos.

It is also after this initial meeting with Grandpa Gilmore that Diane gets her first hint that all may not be well in Supreme Court Judge Land. Back in the offices, she pulls Kalinda aside in what maybe just I am reading as a suggestive manner, and asks her to investigate it personally for her.


Kalinda looks back at Diane as she walks away like she is the only one around here who still cares about her heart.


Kalinda later confirms it: Diane is out. Diane calmly walks into a restroom and chokes out a few sobs in the most gut-punching way possible.



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