“The Good Wife” recap (5.21): What Love Means

Speaking of lovers, though, we get the briefest bit of Kalinda-in-bed-with-Cary action again this episode. These brief bits always seem somewhat jarring to me, like I’ve totally forgotten that it’s still happening and then boom, Kalinda and Cary sex for 3.5 seconds. I don’t think it’s necessarily so jarring just because it’s Kalinda and Cary, though. I think they’re jarring because I’m ABLE to forget that it’s still happening. Because there has been so little development in either of their characters this season, either as individual people or as “lovers.”


And apparently, this stint as lovers is coming to an undeveloped close, weirdly similar to how things ended with them last season, too. Cary takes a call in the middle of sexytimes; Kalinda asks if it was Rayna Hecht; Cary deduces that this is what she’s been after all along, and says that they’re “not doing this anymore.” The next morning, Kalinda confirms her sexy spy game, when she confides the phone call information to Diane.


So Kalinda uses sex to get information. Other than showing true hurt and heart when Will died, this is all Kalinda has been all season: someone who uses sex to get information, whether from Cary or from Jenna. She is a one-dimensional, bisexual robot. I mean, we learned more about Kalinda last season during the Horrible Husband storyline, and everyone hated that storyline! I guess to avoid more Kalinda complaints this season after the husband debacle, they dialed her storylines back so far that she’s just become a caricature of herself. And it’s getting fucking boring. Even her role as an investigator as LG, while being consistent this season, has been rather lackluster. Kalinda is a character with limitless possibilities for a writer. Her past is mysterious, her boundaries are fluid, her strengths innumerable. You guys can do better, Good Wife, and you know it.

And it turns out the information Kalinda got from Cary is useless, anyway. Everyone is after Rayna Hecht, once again, because apparently she’s not satisfied with her new law firm with Elsbeth Tascioni? Which seems ridiculous because who wouldn’t be happy with life with Elsbeth Tascioni?! And does this mean our dreams of an Elsbeth spin-off are dead? Because they were such nice dreams!

Anyway, so Diane had been waiting on Rayna to show up for a vote at LG about the class action lawsuit. The question is whether to go with the lawsuit, or to go with the company the lawsuit is against, that Canning wants to hire, because they can’t do both. Since it appears that the world is against Diane since Will’s death, the only way she can pull successfully for the lawsuit is if she can promise bringing Rayna along with it to LG. But when Rayna doesn’t show up for the vote, it’s clear that Diane has lost. And knowing from Kalinda that Rayna had a meeting with Florrick Agos first, Diane believes that Florrick Agos has stolen Rayna away from her.

5goodwife21screencap10“I’m still not exactly sure where I’ll be taking my sexy ass self, but it won’t be here.”

5goodwife21screencap11“You don’t say.”

But it’s weird that Diane ever thought this, because the doubts Rayna voices to Diane in their final meeting echo almost exactly the things that David Lee and Louis Canning have been planting into everyone’s minds: that Diane Lockhart isn’t on the top of her game since Will Garner’s death. When Diane angrily storms into Florrick Agos and Cary informs her that Rayna was indeed at their office, but that she left as soon as she got a call from Louis Canning, Diane’s face falls. It’s not Florrick Agos out to get her–in fact, Alicia’s face looks exceedingly sympathetic and sorry—it’s Canning “poisoning the well, at his own firm.” Goddammit, am I ready for Diane Lockhart to come back in Season 6 and just hulk smash all these dudes into the ground.

5goodwife21screencap12“Louis Canning screwed you over? We are completely and totally shocked!”

5goodwife21screencap13 “I hate everything.”

When it comes to the Paisley trial, both sides keep messing up pretty royally: James Paisley continues to be an ass, although he and Alicia share an enjoyable conversation about Ayn Rand which amounts to Alicia basically saying, “Are you shitting me?” and James Paisley serving up some realness to Alicia by informing her that she is, in fact, the 1% too. True, James, true, but you can be the 1% and not be such a dickwad about it. Then Alicia accidentally looks like a racist on TV, and then Canning gets in hot water when the company he beats out Diane in bringing in as a client turns out to be, shockingly, a bunch of dickwads, and in the end they cut their losses and settle anyway, albeit at a much higher amount than originally intended. So hey, maybe the gay guy who lost his job was just extorting James Paisley, but it’s still a gay guy squeezing a million dollars from James Paisley, so I’ll count it as a win.

Our final scene of the episode is Peter Florrick closing down his laptop at the end of the day and staring longingly at his background photo. And yes, his background photo is a particularly gorgeous photo of Alicia, but then the woman he’s been flirting with opens his door and the screen fades to black and good god, Florrick, get a hold of yourself.


Next week brings Season Cinco to a close, and the previews promise both drama and some laughs–Mama Channing AND Mama Jackie, cooking lasagna!—a combination I always enjoy. What are your thoughts on everything as the season finale draws near?

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