“The Good Wife” recap (5.21): What Love Means

Jill Hennessy is also back as Rayna Hecht, meeting with Diane to work on a class action lawsuit, which Canning is being super weird about. Presumably, it’s because he’s working on bringing on the company that the class action lawsuit is against as a client, but it seems pretty obvious that he also just doesn’t like Diane working on anything powerful without him.

5goodwife21screencap4“Be a dear and find out why Canning is so mad at me this time.
Also, let’s make out later. Cool? Cool.”

As a bit of comic relief, good ol’ Howard Lyman is brought in this episode to ask Canning, as both of them peer into the ladies-only Diane and Rayna meeting, what he should refer to him as. Canning looks at him and says he should just call him Louis. No, no, Lyman says, his old man face furrowed, as if his brain is working overtime, what should he CALL him, like to other people? ”Crippled? Handicapped?” Suddenly his face lights up as his mind stumbles across an answer. “I know. Challenged!” Oh, Lyman. Dear old Lyman. While Canning himself is the worst, the jokes the writers have squeezed in about Michael J. Fox’s disease are pretty spot-on.

Jerky State Attorney, meanwhile, has followed through on Eli’s promise of coming at Finn, but instead of taking it to Finn directly, he takes it to Peter Florrick, bringing Peter a photo of Finn leaving Alicia’s apartment. Peter thinks it’s from the night of his and Alicia’s blowout, months ago, when Alicia had been advising Finn in the midst of her grief. But when the SA says that the photo’s from two weeks ago, Peter is obviously taken aback, like really taken aback for some reason. And when the SA refers to Finn as Alicia’s “lover”—come on, SA, gross—Peter throws not one, but two glasses of water in his face.



These are the moments you both love and hate Peter Florrick. Love because that water throwing was pretty badass, and well-deserved. Hate because Peter so quickly buys what the SA is selling. I understand that it’s tough because he can’t ask Alicia about it himself, because she specifically laid out those rules of not talking about these things ever with each other anymore. But it’s clear he believes that Finn is Alicia’s lover because he 1) delays moving forward with his official endorsement of Finn, and 2) starts stupid-flirting with some new girl in the office. Either have a little more faith in your wife, Peter, or at least be able to handle life with some level of maturity.

Seeing all of this, Eli gets a genuinely concerned look on his face when he realizes that Mommy and Daddy are fighting. He goes to Alicia’s apartment to talk about it, where the Florricks are having a rather warm and fuzzy family moment, with Alicia ooh and ahhing over Zac in his graduation gown. This all seems to break Eli’s heart even further.


Eli is just generally adorable this whole episode. Because the Florricks ARE his family, and he hates seeing his family in trouble. My OTP is Cynical and Cold-Blooded Eli with Soft and Concerned-Eyes Eli. But when Eli approaches Peter to explain that Alicia is in fact not sleeping with Finn Polmar, it still seems that Peter doesn’t quite believe it. Because Peter is a dummy.

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