“The Good Wife” recap (5.18 & 5.19): The Sweeney House of Horrors

Renata ends up being the one arrested for the murder, with Lockhart Gardner representing her and Finn Polmar prosecuting. Finn’s been thrown onto the case at the last minute, and then is accused by Mr. State Attorney of not doing a good enough job. He takes Finn into his office and attempts to fire him, but Finn suddenly takes up the advice Alicia has previously given him. It’s an election year, and Finn Polmar is now running for State Attorney. Which means the current State Attorney can’t fire him without appearing to snuff out a competitor. Which means, Alicia should always be your lawyer.



The Zach pot picture on Gawker also turns into a bit of a thing when some reporters track down good ol’ brother Owen and ask him his opinion. He pretty much says, unsurprisingly, good boy, Zach! Which is a nightmare, obviously, for Eli Gold, and also prompts a hilarious sit down with Zach and Alicia and Owen. While it’s slightly unclear in this episode whether Zach indeed smokes pot or not, he rather deftly swerves the conversation back around to Alicia, asking when she’s going to address other, more important family matters, such as the fact that she and Dad are carrying out a “Bill and Hillary” act.

When Owen presses Alicia on this, she explains that Zach’s observation was rather point on. And they have been carrying out their married-but-separate thing, slightly awkwardly but civilly. Owen is intrigued by this new possibility of Alicia being able to date freely, but when he presses it, it’s clearly too much for her, and he knows it. He hugs her before she runs away, tells her there’s no one else he loves more. She’s been doing so well, but come on, there is only one person she wants to date. She closes the door to her room and leans tearily against it, once again breaking our hearts without saying a word, and in less than five seconds.



And even though I’m still mad at Peter for the way he talked to her two weeks ago, there are still those moments when he uses his power to stand by her that make me almost like the guy. And one of those moments happen this episode when he throws his weight behind Finn Polmar’s campaign, much to Finn Polmar’s utter astonishment.


In the murder trial, Renata ends up getting off. She thanks Alicia outside of the courtroom afterwards. Alicia’s alibi helped preserve her future marriage to Colin Sweeney. They’re just so close, you know? There was only one thing that they hadn’t both experienced together: that feeling of watching the life drain from a woman’s face. Now that they’ve both lived through that, there’s nothing else separating their unity.


Renata says this calmly, peacefully, almost joyfully. Holy shit, she’s just as much of a psychopath as Sweeney is! This show always has such feel good endings. Stay far, far away from that house of horrors, y’all.


What were your thoughts on the last two episodes? There’s only three new episodes left of this season, which seems like a meager amount of time to actually give Kalinda a good storyline, but we’ll see what’s left in store. It also appears that Alicia might be going on a date next week? Too soon, you guys! Too soon.

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