“The Good Wife” recap (5.16): The Last Call

Kalinda, meanwhile, is doing what Kalinda does best: investigating. When she’s blocked by police, she calls a woman for help, and for the slightest moment, we hope it’s going to be Lana Delaney parting her way through the crowd towards her, but instead it’s Jenna, her cop lady lover from earlier this season. But I’m not complaining about it. While I know I’ve talked about the lack of real chemistry between the two of them, I’m glad Jenna’s with Kalinda during this episode, and she does everything right. She asks Kalinda once or twice if she’s okay, or what she’s thinking, but when Kalinda doesn’t respond, she backs off. She is simply there, leading Kalinda to what she wants to see, and then waiting patiently, respectfully beside her. She’s not comforting her; she’s helping her do her job, and that is exactly what Kalinda needs. In fact, I sort of love Jenna after this episode.


She and Kalinda go to the courtroom, where the cop whose gun Jeffrey stole is admitting that he’s horrible at his job. They go to the jail where Jeffrey’s being held, rocking back and forth and sobbing while his family lawyer continues to argue for his innocence. They go to the morgue, where they confirm from the mortician that it was Jeffrey’s fire that killed Will, not any crossfire from the police. She takes one last look at his body. And then Alicia calls her.


Alicia says that she’s going crazy, that she doesn’t know what to do. Kalinda commiserates. But when she says she doesn’t know what to do either, Alicia objects, knowing the tone of Kalinda’s voice: “It sounds like you do.” But Kalinda says she’ll talk to her later, and hurries off the phone. I don’t know what’s happening in Kalinda’s head at this moment. Perhaps she’s been brushed off by Alicia too many times to have these heart to hearts anymore, even now. Or maybe there’s not enough room for Alicia’s grief in Kalinda’s head when it’s already too busy dealing with her own. Or maybe she just really is too anxious to continue her investigation than to talk to Alicia right now. In any case, it’s hard to blame her, no matter how we all wish their conversation could have gone to other, warmer places.

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