“The Good Wife” recap (5.16): The Last Call

As the news spreads, some intern who’s only been there for a week is wailing up a storm, being comforted by her friends, her sobs echoing through the offices, grating, offensive. Diane MF-ing Lockhart walks up to her with a stone cold look and asks if she’s done crying yet. Crying Intern looks shocked and confused, says she doesn’t know. Diane Lockhart tells her to pack up her things and go home.

This may seem insensitive, but as someone who’s experienced That Person before, That Person Who Capitalizes on a Grief That Isn’t Theirs, this is the best thing I’ve ever seen.


And then the elevator doors open, and Alicia walks in, looking lost and small. Diane sees her mere seconds after firing Crying Intern, and her face changes immediately, changes to the truth. She walks to Alicia, and they fall into one another.


They sit in Diane’s office, and Diane shares that it was Jeffrey. That was supposed to be my case, Alicia says, contemplating. And then David snatches Diane away for a moment to talk LG business. That’s when Alicia looks at her phone and sees she has three missed calls. One from Kalinda and one from Diane, when they were trying to reach her from the hospital. And then, one from Will Gardner, at 11:32 AM.


It’s one of those horrible messages that are full of nothing. “Alicia.” His voice, rising out of the ashes. There’s a pause, the shuffling of papers, a distant warning from the judge in the background. He says, “Hold on, I’ll call you back.” And it’s over. These type of voicemails always make me want to yell, “Just tell me what you need so I don’t think someone’s died or something, for goodness sakes!” But in this case, someone has died, and Alicia can’t call Will back.

She’ll spend the rest of the episode replaying this message over and over, either just to hear his voice or to discern why he was calling her, or a combination of the two. She goes to the courtroom and speaks to the judge, who for some reason is still there in his office, and he replays the scene. Jeffrey had first shot the witness, the math tutor; killed him. Will went to try and take the gun away; he was shot next. The prosecutor, Finn Polmar, grabbed Will’s body, drug him across the courtroom to hide behind a desk; he was also shot in the process. He waited with Will until the medics came, holding his hand. Alicia heads to the hospital to talk to Finn Polmar.

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