“The Good Wife” recap (5.11): You’re Gonna Hear Me Roar

Kalinda’s doubts about Jenna might be coming true when Damian approaches her at the office a few days later, opening with this line: “So, you don’t like Katy Perry?” Ooh, Damian. Ooh, we hate you.


Kalinda asks if he and Jenna tell each other everything. Well, he says, they’re friends. And then he asks, maybe knowing how much the question will hurt, and maybe not: “Don’t you have friends?” Kalinda only responds with an unsteady, “Um,” which seems uncharacteristic, before walking away. As she does so, Damian remarks to her back, “She likes you.”


This friends theme is brought back up when Jenna pulls over Kalinda a few nights later, using her police prowess to track her down after Kalinda hasn’t been returning her calls. Kalinda says she thinks they should cool it. She doesn’t know if she likes her or not. Jenna seems thrown off for half a second, but responds that no, she thinks Kalinda does like her. Kalinda clarifies. She doesn’t like how much she talks. To which Jenna sighs and asks if this is about Damian. Clearly this is about Damian. Look, Jenna says, she just doesn’t like losing friends. Lovers, she doesn’t mind. “But friends? They come through.”


Kalinda asks if she can leave now; Jenna lets her go. Kalinda drives away with a sad Jenna face in her rearview mirror, and it’s unsure exactly what Kalinda is thinking about right now: Jenna, Damian, or the idea of friends—and how, for a long time, it seemed like she had one. A good one. But now, we can’t even remember the last time they spoke.

The most heartbreaking scene of all for me in this episode was a final one between Will and Diane, where Diane attempts to talk Will out of his frantic pace, and discuss the clear disconnect that’s building between them. Will brushes this all off, naturally. He’s fine! None of this is about Alicia! Nope! He then brings out the big knives. You walked away from this firm, he tells Diane. I didn’t. You have to step aside and let me lead for a while. Diane takes a deep breath and says that he’s right. The sting of her recent humiliations is still strong enough to make her humble, humble enough to let Will win. When he asks if she’s going to finally vote with him about the LA office, she sighs and simply says, as she walks away, “Whatever you want.” Sad, submissive Diane Lockhart is breaking my heart.


Back in Matthew Lillard, fake-Glee, copyright war land, it seems at first Glee’s stealing—while obviously being theft, no matter what fake-Ryan Murphy says—is a weirdly legal theft. But have no fear, Robyn is here, and she comes up with a last second save that proves they didn’t just steal the melody, they literally used the same track, before they could record their own for sales on iTunes. This is legit theft that can’t be covered by technical copyright maneuvering, and we get to see a very happy Matthew Lillard hug a very awesome Robyn. Which I am not jealous of at all. Just kidding I totally am. Suck it, Will and fake-Ryan Murphy!

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The Marilyn Baby Daddy Mystery is also finally solved when, after a decent amount of harassment from Eli, Marilyn finally reveals the father to him:  famous movie director Peter Bogdanovich. He and Marilyn are clearly adorably sweet on each other. I find myself liking Marilyn more and more.


Yet as they hug in the hallway in front of Eli and Marilyn asks Eli what he thinks, he just walks away. Eli’s mind is in other places right now, far away from baby drama, because he’s just had a meeting with a reporter who had some interesting footage to show him—footage of people carrying some ballot boxes out of the back of a van late at night. Footage that might prove that Peter Florrick stole his election.


What were your thoughts on the first Good Wife of 2014? What are your own thoughts on Jenna? Should Kalinda trust her?

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