“The Good Wife” recap (5.11): You’re Gonna Hear Me Roar

The second Kalinda lolz moment of the episode is when we first see her on this beat, waiting next to Marilyn in the doctor’s office, acting as if she’s just another expectant mother herself. Kalinda Sharma, so excited about her first ultrasound! It appears that she’s getting good information from Marilyn, too, until Detective Jenna suddenly shows up, the police woman who’s buddy buddy with Damian and who Kalinda took a little tumble in the sheets with last episode. She plops down next to Kalinda and smiles, introduces herself to Marilyn as if she’s Kalinda’s other half. She can’t wait for the ultrasound either! Kalinda is not pleased.

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As Kalinda walks to her car, Jenna jogs up behind her, suggesting lunch, as if she hasn’t just interrupted Kalinda in the middle of her work, as if she hasn’t done it all because Damian told her to. When Kalinda demands an apology instead of accepting the lunch invitation, Jenna rolls her eyes and says there’s nothing she hates more than when someone loses their sense of humor. Ugh, which is my LEAST FAVORITE thing anyone says ever. It’s the most perfect way of casually dismissing someone’s feelings. Kalinda replies that what SHE hates more than anything is disrespect. Word, Sharma. But then Jenna apologizes. Kalinda says, “Dinner.”


We next see them in bed again in Detective Jenna’s dimly lit apartment, with Jenna leaning over Kalinda’s shoulder, incredulous that Kalinda not only doesn’t like Katy Perry, she has no idea who she is. Hahaha, Jenna! You think Kalinda would like Katy Perry! You are hilarious! Yet Kalinda does seem at least semi-charmed by Jenna’s purring of “Roar” as Jenna roams her lips down Kalinda’s back, until they’re interrupted by a phone call. Jenna makes a series of vague responses into the receiver while Kalinda waits with suspicious eyes in the dark. When she asks who was on the phone and Jenna responds, “My mom,” it doesn’t sound convincing to anyone. In response, Kalinda suddenly and angrily flips Jenna on her back, forcing her hands over her head, and then smoothly makes her way down her torso. This is, unfortunately but predictably, where the scene cuts off.


I don’t know how I feel about this whole situation. It’s not that I dislike Jenna, because I don’t, but I also don’t feel like she’s on par with Kalinda, and there’s none of the chemistry that existed between Kalinda and Lana Delaney. I also can’t tell if Kalinda actually likes Jenna or not, or if she’s just playing along in Damian’s game. Yet she clearly likes her enough to giggle at her poor Katy Perry impression, and to aggressively sex her up at the possibility of betrayal. Maybe this is always how Kalinda is, though: mysterious, guarded, but in the end, at least when it comes to women, always somehow vulnerable.

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