“The Good Wife” recap (5.11): You’re Gonna Hear Me Roar


When they meet in court, Will is an ass on purpose and Alicia lets it get to her, until Cary demands that she stop letting herself be played. It’s nice to actually see Cary say something meaningful once in a while. She realizes that he’s right, and when she comes back to court, she’s changed her outfit. Suddenly it’s Will who’s stuttering through his questioning (of a fake Ryan Murphy who is exceedingly obnoxious), and when he confronts her in the hallway, Alicia says, yep. “It’s what I wore the first night you banged me.” Will says that’s pretty low of her. She says that’s true. “I wasn’t so discriminating back then.” I am getting a little tired of this Will and Alicia game, but man, some of these burns are so. damn. good.

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But enough of these hetero details, and onwards to the question we ask ourselves every Sunday night: what about Kalinda? Don’t worry, she’s here, bringing us back to the Who’s Marilyn’s Baby Daddy question. Eli has brought Kalinda to the governor’s office, where we first see her waiting in the hallway, staring at the enormous portrait of Peter’s face brought in by Jackie. And the beauty of Kalinda Sharma is that even though this scene only lasts a second, even though you hardly even see her face, you can always just sense Kalinda’s brain processing the ridiculousness of her surroundings, and it always makes me laugh.


Eli is hiring Kalinda to track down the father of Marilyn’s baby, even though I highly doubt that it’s Peter’s. There really hasn’t been that much of a relationship built up between Marilyn and Peter in that way, and Marilyn seems like too smart of a woman to both screw Peter and then name her child after him. And while Kalinda refuses at first, as the job breaks her no-working-for-Peter rule, Eli makes the sly move of insisting that it’s actually for Alicia, to protect her and the family if Peter does happen to be the father. This won’t be the first time this episode that the ghost of Kalinda’s friendship with Alicia rises up and haunts us.

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