“The Good Wife” recap (4.20): Idealism v. Reality

Back in the rape case, some nutty physician testifies who says that the abrasions around the girl’s back, thighs, and buttocks could have simply been due to “VIGOROUS GYMNASTICS” since she is also a gymnast. HAHAHA! HA! Jason Biggs then shows up with some papers that the doctor wrote when he was in college arguing women could not get pregnant when raped. HA! Buh bye doctor.

In the end, when the Anonymous hullabaloo gets to be too much for the judge, he calls a mistrial. Which means that the girl will have to remain in jail until they can call another trial, which could be months, which seems grossly unfair, once again victimizing the victim. In the end, of course, Kalinda ends up saving the day, weasle-ing Todd’s original police interview out of some police guy. In this interview, Todd had pretty much confessed everything, but it was later thrown out because he was still considered a minor at the time, by a hair. See how many things can work against a teen girl? Being that it’s already been called a mistrial, though, Kalinda doesn’t take it to the courts, but we see her transferring the video to an online leak site. After viewing it, Will pleads with the judge that he still has power over the girl’s life until the next trial is called, and he knows what’s right and wrong. The girl walks free.

So Miss Kalinda, has it been YOU working through Anonymous all along? I like to think so. Because this raises your levels of badass to limits I couldn’t even imagine.

Inspired by the episode, I spent some time perusing Anonymous’s Twitter account last night, which I usually can’t keep up with due to its prolific number of tweets. While there was obviously no mention of their appearance on the The Good Wife, as I highly doubt they care, it was interesting to see that almost their entire feed was devoted to fighting for Rehtaeh Parsons, a teen who recently killed herself after being raped and then viciously bullied. There were no prosecutions, but after Anonymous’s “hacktivism,” the case has been reopened. Anonymous and idealism can’t always win, but sometimes, they do.

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