“The Good Wife” recap (4.20): Idealism v. Reality

While Kalinda stakes her Alicia claim and firmly tells Robyn to not take any private requests from Alicia again without telling her about it, she does stand up for her in Robyn’s first review, telling the firm that she should stay. Meaning, we’ll hopefully get to learn even more about her and her boring past and possibly unprofessional clothing choices in the future.

Jason Biggs is also back on the scene, meeting with Alicia about a class action lawsuit he wants to pull against the lawyers who prosecuted Aaron Swartz, the computer activist who killed himself earlier this year. But his real role is helping in the rape case, maybe or maybe not through the activist group Anonymous, who begin showing up in the courtroom. Alicia’s pissed about it, as she and Biggs have been having an Idealism v. Reality argument all episode. While Alicia’s on Reality’s side, Anonymous clearly sticks up for the Idealism side, and even though it’s a side that’s clearly helping her and Lockhart Gardner’s case, Alicia doesn’t believe it’s the right way. Biggs for his part maintains he has nothing to do with it, and that one can never know exactly who or what Anonymous is.

There’s also a strange scene between Alicia and Grace wherein Grace is praying and Alicia sort of asks her to pray for her because things are a mess. She says, “I have to stop thinking about myself.” To which Grace says that thinking about yourself can be a good thing. (RIGHT, Grace?) Alicia responds, “Yes. And sometimes, it’s not.” Alicia acts as if this whole asking her daughter to pray for her thing is due to work being stressful, when really it’s due to the fact that even being around Will apparently makes her shiver and hold herself in repressed longing. And I know this entire series is built around you being the good wife, Alicia, but sweet pickles, if you don’t start just doing what you want soon.

Diane also gets a closer and closer glimpse of her ride to the Supreme Court, going to the point of sitting where her future office could be. Until someone comes in and tells her, “We’ve been watching you. We love you. You deserve to be here.” Diane says, “Yay!” Dude says, “The only thing you have to do is separate yourself from Will because we hate him.” Well. Ouch.

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