“The Good Wife” recap (4.20): Idealism v. Reality


In other news so far in this episode, Alicia catches Cary having a lunch date with the rest of the fourth years, while they all also simultaneously cash in on vacation days, all raising the alarm of a possible secession from Lockhart Gardner. Cary finally admits the truth of this to Alicia after she hounds him, pressing her once again that the two of them could be The New Will and Diane. Alicia says again that she’ll think about it. And she enacts her loyalty as best she can, while still officially being an outsider to the fourth years now, by not revealing any of Cary’s idealistic plans to the rest of the partners. Even though nasty M&M’s guy is cuh-razy pissed.

Robyn’s storyline also takes a few interesting little twists and turns this episode. We first see her in typical Robyn mode, being adorable and awkward about her non-fancy attire with Alicia: “Sorry about my clothes, I just came from — sorry, I didn’t come from anywhere. I just like this.” To which Alicia obviously responds with her straight-faced, “Um, OK.” Robyn, you are so lovely, and I love how your honesty baffles absolutely everyone around you.

Kalinda also starts to be suspicious of Robyn’s past, claiming that whole “I once shot my brother” story Robyn’s previously told isn’t true. Robyn eventually caves to this, saying essentially, “I’m from Sherwood, Oregon. Nothing ever happens in Sherwood.” Living in Oregon, I can say that this is probably true. I feel fairly certain that Robyn’s history actually is quite boring, which is why she’s fudged some lies to make it sound more exciting, and nothing more. But this episode snuck in the first hint of Robyn perhaps being more than she seems.

Kalinda might also be somewhat miffed because Alicia specifically went to Robyn, and not Kalinda, to ask her to investigate more about Cary and the fourth years’ plans. Which is a huge, bad, terrible Kalicia no-no. Kalinda finds out about this when Cary immediately pounces on her about it, believing she’s the one who’s been sniffing him out, to which she has to reply in honest confusion that she doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Yet it’s clear Cary doesn’t completely believe her. And really, who the hell knows what’s going on with Cary and Kalinda these days? From the hurt in her eyes, and his, it’s clear something is, but whatever it is, we certainly haven’t had anymore details fleshed out for us.

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