“The Good Wife” recap (4.17): Invitation to an Inquest

Back in the offices, a few other things are happening: Will and Alicia are still clearly struggling with their lust for one another; they decide to stop awkwardly avoiding each other as they have been since The Kiss, and just go back to being friends. Because poof, that can happen if you say it can, right? Definitely. Yes, I think that is how emotions work.

Lex Luther is also being a super weird dad as expected; after bringing his business to Lockhart Gardner and making his son feel good about himself, he then makes him feel super shitty about not being a partner yet when Alicia’s one, and doubts his every decision in meetings. And yeah, maybe Cary’s being a little extra snippy about things, but not enough for Lex to then go to Diane and basically tattle on him, and then eventually say his company was going to pull their business altogether. So was this just a weird game to make your son look bad in front of his bosses? What kind of psychotic person ARE you, Lex/Dad? But Cary’s good at this game by now, whatever game this is. He snags the approval of the CEO of the big bad pharmaceutical company over his dad’s head, and brings their business BACK to Lockhart Gardner. And all of this really isn’t that interesting, but seriously, what a crappy dad.

I’m going to emotionally undercut you now because you beat me.

Always good to see you, pops.

As the episode wraps up, it’s proven that while lots of people were sleeping with lots of other people, which was important somehow, the real cause of dead guy’s death was a drunk driver, and the woman gets her full life insurance. So yay, or whatever. But more importantly, we finally get to see the foxy red dress.

Alicia assures Zac that he can date whoever he wants, Dad’s campaign or no, and he’s all, “Naw, I was gonna dump that chick anyway.” He also acts like it’s normal to be having a heart to heart with his mom while she is looking so foxy. Alicia then heads off to a fancy St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock dinner that she’s wearing the foxy dress for. It appears that most of next episode will take place at this dinner, where both Will and Peter will be and where there will probably be Feelings taking place. Also, more dress.

What did you think of this episode? Where do you think things are headed for Alicia? Are you also in love with Robyn? And what do you think Kalinda whispered in that man’s ear?

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