“The Good Wife” recap (4.17): Invitation to an Inquest

Back to the inquest, which has taken lots of loopy turns–it was a reckless death, an accidental death, a homicide!–but the best part about the whole storyline is Robyn and Kalinda starting to work together in earnest, and oh man, do I love them together. As opposed to the Jordan partnership with Eli, we really do trust the smarts of this girl right away, and while still not swaying any of our Kalinda loyalty, we already love having her on the team. Or at least I do! And perhaps the one queer moment of the episode shows up when the two of them arrive at a motel where the dead guy spent some of his last hours before meeting his end. As they walk up to the counter, the awkward clerk behind the desks asks, “Do you two need a room?” They share a look: Robyn amused, Kalinda horrified.

Uh, no.

Ha! Robyn then begins to organize a bunch of the pamphlets sitting on the counter, OCD-like, as Kalinda begins her questioning, and the skeptical glances Kalinda throws her way almost reach the height of skeptical glances she threw at Elsbeth, but not quite.

I am surrounded by idiots.

Robyn really isn’t an idiot, though; it’s clear she has the same quick observation skills Kalinda does. What she does lack, however, is Kalinda’s prowess in badassery. This is soon brilliantly displayed when they track down a trucker who might have more information on other cars that were on the road that night. He says sure, I saw something. What do I get for telling you? Robyn says nervously, “Uh, a clear conscience for doing the right thing?” Aw, you little butterfly. Trucker guy says, yeah, but what else do I get? Wink wink, nudge nudge. Kalinda walks a few feet away and with a perfectly curled finger in her black leather gloves, calls him over. He trudges over with a grin. Robyn stands by herself, befuddled. Kalinda leans into his ear and whispers, a sultry looking move, and how I wish I could hear exactly what was wafting through her husky voice into his eardrum! But obviously, whatever it was was not what he was expecting, and the effect was immediate.

He and Kalinda return to Robyn, and he curtly and soberly relays the information they need. Robyn is even more befuddled at this point, but glad for the info. It seems like they’re done here, and Kalinda clears her throat. He quickly adds, “And I’m sorry for the way I talked to you before.”

And OK, this is even better than Alicia’s forthcoming foxy dress. This is the Kalinda we know and love, bringing down misogynist pigs like sacks of potatoes with one silky whisper! Robyn begs her to tell her what she said to him as they drive away. Kalinda just looks at her. As if she would ever reveal her secrets! Also is someone making gifs yet of Robyn’s facial expressions? Because I need them.

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