“The Good Wife” recap (4.17): Invitation to an Inquest

The Eli-hating-Jordan storyline is old news, though, and I’m also a little disappointed we don’t get to see Maddie Hayward’s reaction to the election news. I at least wanted a really snarky concession speech. Also, remember that time she was a lesbian and we never got to see her smooch with a girl? Or do anything with a girl other than be a horrible friend to Alicia? What wasted opportunity.

As the rest of the office celebrates, Jordan then says, “Let’s now move on immediately to the next campaign issue because I am a killjoy.” The next campaign issue happens to be Zac’s lady friend, who is not only black, but Muslim. (Gasp!) This is relevant because she also posted this picture of her and Zac with her family online, and after looking into some of her relatives from the photo, as one naturally does anytime someone is Not White (right?), Jordan discovers one of them contributed money to a terrorist group in 2008! (Gasp!)

Look at those terrorists!

Jordan and Eli call Zac in to inform him that he needs to start thinking about ALL his relationships in terms of his father’s campaign, including his lady friends. Which is normal and healthy for a teenager. You gotta do what you gotta do, right? Jordan also says that the girlfriend tweeted the photo when that is obviously an Instagram post; get your Internet facts straight, Jordy! But anyway, it’s all a set up by Eli because he makes Jordan do all the talking, while he knows full well that Alicia (and accordingly Peter) will get pissed off when she learns about it (which she really does), and then Jordan will take the fall (which he does). The one good part about this storyline is that hot damn is Alicia hot when she storms into the office and gives Jordan the smackdown. Except since she’s no dummy, she soon realizes she’s being played by Eli, and gives him the smackdown, too. Which he should really be used to by now.

Boom goes the dynamite.

Jordan does indeed end up getting the boot near the end of the episode, during which he gives Eli a great little speech about how he has no soul and will die alone, to which Eli seems to gleefully agree. So other than to be an extra thorn in Eli’s side while he was being investigated by the DOJ, what really was the point of having Jordan in this season at all? He was never developed very clearly, and while we never hated him like Eli did, we also never necessarily felt more of an affinity for him as Pete’s #1 over Eli. But in any case, bye bye, T.R. Knight.

It came true.

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