“The Good Wife” mini-cap: “Poisoned Pill”

Finally, somebody calls Kalinda out. And as much as I love her, I’m glad because she looks damn sexy all frazzled and lost.

Later, Donna meets Kalinda at, presumably, a lesbian dive bar where Kalinda can, hopefully, preserve her anonymity, just the way she likes it. Kalinda broke Donna’s heart. Kalinda didn’t do it intentionally, though, and explains, “I’m not domestic” and that’s why things didn’t work out. I can’t imagine Kalinda in an apron or being Betty Crocker either — badasses don’t do domestic.

Donna has also figured out Kalinda’s plan and knows that she just met with her to “keep her in line,” in case Blake were to ever approach her with questions. Kalinda coyly responds, “Can’t I be multi-tasking?” Oh, those lines! Who could possibly say no the dark eyes, mysterious demeanor, and genius one-liners? Apparently Donna, who says that she can’t do it again because it’s too much and she doesn’t work that way. Kalinda gently prods and says it’s just now, they’re here, and even if they’ll be somewhere else tomorrow, that’s tomorrow — why think about that?

Before we think of the implications, let’s celebrate this moment: Kalinda and Donna kiss.

Let me repeat myself: Kalinda and Donna kiss on the show and it’s glorious! So happy for my Indian homegirl. But back to reality, Donna’s the one in control now because she comes back to passionately make out with Kalinda (Hooray!!!), only to run off into the public defender sunset, leaving Kalinda alone with her shots at the bar. You know this has to infuriate control-freak Kalinda, who’s used to getting her way. But, she does love a good chase, so get on that, girl, come on!

Kalinda goes to former associate Cary to get some dirt on Blake. Turns out he’s actually represented MS-13, a.k.a. the biggest meth gang in Baltimore, and although he was arrested, Lockhart & Gardner’s newest partner, Bond, was the one who bailed him out. The plot thickens, and maybe Kalinda shouldn’t be busting the windows of Blake’s car, or there could be serious trouble in store for her.

At the party to celebrate the firm’s $45 million lawsuit victory, Blake brings a guest along, and — I told you the gloves were coming off — he brings Donna as his date. Donna must live under a rock because she thinks that Kalinda’s been doing the nasty with Alicia, which is just comical, albeit hot. That’s clearly not the point though, because this is a power-play: No, Donna will not go home with Kalinda, nor do they have a connection to one another any longer.

She turns on her heels and accepts a beer from former gang-banger Blake, leaving Kalinda, once again, dumbfounded.

People, it finally happened: Kalinda kissed a girl on the show and it wasn’t behind a damn storage garage door! I hate to see Kalinda getting her heart dragged around, but if Blake manipulating Donna to one-up Kalinda means that we’ll get to see more out of the two ladies and their complicated love life, then I say bring on the blackmail and let’s get dirty!

What did you think of last night’s episode?

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