“The Good Wife” recap (5.3): Babies and Betrayal


Robyn counterpoints, “But Alicia’s leaving too, and you helped her.” Kalinda looks up sharply from her orange notebook, uncomprehending. “What?” Robyn repeats herself:  “Alicia’s leaving, too. And you helped her with the death row case.” Kalinda’s face continues to be hauntingly uncomprehending.


Robyn says that she thought she knew, and Kalinda stutters, “Well, I—” her voice uncharacteristically faltering as her eyes happen to glance through the glass and come to rest on Will.


“She didn’t say anything,” she finishes, and then gives Robyn the information she needs. Robyn, oblivious and Robyn-esque, smiles and bounces away, while we all sit and watch Kalinda’s heart break as it all becomes clear: of course Alicia’s leaving, because Will. And of course she didn’t tell Kalinda, because she doesn’t tell Kalinda anything, anymore.


It’s only a moment. But a thousand fan fictions could be written in that moment.


Other things: Super Sexy Ethics Commissioner is back doing the job she’s actually trained to do, because Peter realized her removal looked bad. Eli, never one for ethics, continues to be even more of a jerkface than his normal lovable level of jerkiness when she has the gall to actually do her job and bring up possible ethical issues. Watch yourself, Eli. This woman may have a ridiculously husky voice, but she means business. And she is clearly going to lead to your and Peter’s next downfall.


Grace’s storyline of I Am Hot Now continues, as she wears the respectable but tight outfits Mama Channing purchased for her last episode, making every man in her vicinity unable to look away from her ass apparently, and making her mother increasingly paranoid and flustered. This was feeling rather gross to me for a while. I mean, Grace has never had very fleshed out storylines, but is her sudden hotness literally all she’s going to be given this season? But when Alicia finally confronts her daughter about her new foxy ways, we’re actually presented with a rather tender scene. First of all, the dashing young man that had come to the door asking for Grace this episode and who Alicia had kicked to the curb is actually her pastor, because Grace loves Jesus and pastors are hip now. Duh, Mom. But then she says: “I want to be pretty. Just let me be pretty.” And even though I’m not necessarily a huge Grace fan, even my eyes begin to mist a little. Neither Alicia or Grace are wrong here. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to protect your daughter, and there’s also nothing wrong with wanting to be pretty. Being a teenager is hard. Being a human is hard.


The real heart and soul of this whole episode, though, is Diane being a badass as the men folk of the office—”ghouls,” as Diane appropriately calls them—attempt to push her out of the business she built with her bones as fast as they can. At their first termination offer, she demands they get out of her office. David Lee, Head Ghoul, says it’s not her office anymore. She says it’s her office until the security guards drag her away. Damn straight. When they come back with a “final offer,” she rejects it again, saying it’s not a final offer until she accepts it. Damn straight. Every time she talks back I want to hug her. But the final scene is just between her and Will, and she lets some of her guard down. Will, however, is having none of it. He is hurt, and cold, and mean. I hate when he is like this. She says, “I must have really hurt you, to make you want to hurt me like this.”


Will makes Alicia witness this conversation, as Alicia has been witness to all of this, reluctant and quiet but clearly struggling to understand it all. Will even makes the offer to Alicia of her taking Diane’s place when she’s kicked out of the joint, as if anyone could ever take Diane’s place. After this final Will and Diane confrontation, though, Alicia marches to Cary’s office to say, “We have to leave—this week.” End scene.

While we all know Alicia has been itching to leave sooner than later because it gets harder for her each week, I don’t exactly know why she demands this so vehemently right now. Because Will is being an awful human being and she wants to get away from him? Because Will is being an awful human being and it somehow turns her on so she knows she needs to get away from him? Because she doesn’t want to watch Diane’s fall? Because she just wants to get out of dodge before it all explodes?

According to previews for the next couple of episodes, explosions are, unsurprisingly, indeed on the horizon. But first, Emmy-winning Carrie Preston returns as Elsbeth Tascioni next week, and Diane shoots some guns. Yes, please!

What are your thoughts on the fifth season thus far?

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