“The Good Wife” recap (5.22): A Weird Year

This mean Cary continues, highly unfortunately, into an area that we have seen male anger used far too often on TV screens recently: the bedroom, with Kalinda, under the sheets. When Kalinda looks at his angry face with confusion, and when he forcefully flips her onto her back, and she asks him to stop—everything in my body tenses, as in, no. No. This can’t be happening, right? On The Good Wife? With Cary? And Kalinda? She tells him to get off of her, or she swears, she’ll hurt him. And the one reassuring thing about this scene is that we know she would. But he gets off himself, and the scene is thankfully short. He puts on his shirt, takes a phone call from Other Cary who says the scales at Florrick Agos are currently tipping towards Alicia, and he then moodily departs, leaving Kalinda in silence.


I also don’t completely understand why Cary got into bed with Kalinda in the first place, knowing what he knew. Why not call off the date completely?


As if that scene wasn’t awful enough, Cary then goes totally batshit and meets on a pier with Louis Canning. He tells him that Diane wants to merge with Florrick Agos. He knows that neither of them wants a merger, so he encourages Canning to make whatever moves he can now, and then walks dramatically and swiftly away. This new Cary is stupid. On the upside, though, when Alicia and everyone else hears about this betrayal, they get into another shouting match, and this time Alicia tells him to go to hell.


Canning, for his part though, takes Cary’s advice and pulls out all the stops. He presents Diane with a dissolution agreement, which as a partner, he has unilateral power to do. This seems crazy, but is apparently legit. If Canning doesn’t get managing partner, he will dissolve Diane’s firm.

Domestic Bliss with Veronica and Jackie is progressing back at Alicia’s apartment pretty much as expected: Jackie is condescending, Veronica bites back, and sooner or later, Veronica reveals Jackie’s greatest nightmare, Peter and Alicia’s married-only-for-our-professional-lives agreement. Lots of wine drinking commences. Drunk Jackie, mean Veronica, and lasagna! I want to be at this dinner.


Kalinda catches Diane on the street and asks what she’s going to do. Allow Canning to become managing partner to save her firm? Accept Peter’s proposal and runs for state’s attorney?


But what Diane decides to do is a surprise to everyone. She asks for a late meeting at Florrick Agos. Cary is still bristling at the idea of a merger, but a merger isn’t what Diane has in mind at all. She asks, instead, if Florrick Agos would take her. Just her. And her $38 billion in annual billing. Robyn voices all of our thoughts: “Holy crap.”


The possibilities that could come with this becoming a reality are endless: if Diane comes to Florrick Agos, Kalinda would naturally follow. Kalinda and Robyn could investigate together again! Maybe Kalinda and Alicia could get some after-work drinks again? The only conflict would be Kalinda and Cary, but maybe they’ll actually go back to a regular friendship when they don’t have to be spying on each other. But we’ll have to just wait and see what happens next year.

After such a long and kooky day, Alicia is finally able to return to family business, entering the auditorium just in time to see her son walk across the stage. And after everyone teasing her about her “empty nest” feelings all episode, suddenly, naturally, she’s actually experiencing them. She claps, her eyes get damp, and then at home, when Zac informs her that he’s not in fact leaving tomorrow, but tonight—he has a summer internship at Georgetown, of course—she smiles and says it’s fine, but it’s a hard fine, a fine that’s hard to accept. She says she loves him, and waves goodbye.


Our very last shot of Season 5 is Eli and Alicia sitting at the dining room table, surrounded by plates of cold, abandoned lasagna, quietly sipping glasses of red wine. Alicia affirms that it’s been a weird day. Indeed, a weird year. And then Eli gets this strange, dreamy look in his eyes, like a light bulb has just gone off and blinded him. He turns to Alicia and ask: “Would you want to run for state’s attorney?”

El fin! What were your thoughts on the finale? What are your hopes for Season 6?

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