“The Good Wife” recap (5.22): A Weird Year

The LG gossip, by the way, is about an upcoming vote about who will be managing partner, Diane or Canning. Kalinda informs Diane that the alliances in the office are close, and that there’s only one undecided vote—Howard Lyman. At this, Diane can’t help but burst out laughing, and Kalinda gives a genuine Kalinda smile, too. With the way Diane’s universe has been tilting lately, of COURSE it’s Howard Lyman.

Very Important Look-at-Kalinda’s-Boots-Though-Screencap.


Canning has already offered Lyman a new office, so when Diane sits him down, she asks what else he wants. He says that he wants to cross-examine someone, something that they clearly don’t ever allow him to do. So when Alicia comes in for a personal meeting at LG about the custody case, with the rest of the folks at Florrick Agos watching from their spy cam and hoping they can glean some new information, it’s Lyman that crosses Alicia about the “Indian” stuff, and it is amazing. Lyman is happy, and officially on Diane’s side.

After the meeting is over, it appears that the spying Florrick Agos haven’t learned anything new about the case. But then they observe another woman walking into the conference room to meet with Lee and Canning. And this woman doesn’t have anything to do with the custody case. She’s Chumhum dude’s wife. And if Chumhum dude has a problem with Florrick Agos? Well, then, Florrick Agos really is in trouble. They descend into panic mode.

There’s also trouble brewing with Finn Polmar’s state’s attorney race. Apparently, Castro is bringing out the fact that Polmar bribed someone on his sister’s behalf during her drug trials. Polmar disputes whether this is true or not, but in any case, Peter and Eli drop him like a hot potato. He later drops out of the race, to Alicia’s disappointment. So was this whole Polmar storyline just for naught? Will he be around next season, or is he just out of the picture now? Weird.

Peter and Eli have to strategize about who they’ll endorse now, because obvs they still aren’t endorsing Castro. So they land on their favorite second choice—Diane Lockhart. When they bring her in to ask if she’ll run, she’s surprised, but not exactly pleased. She wears that “Don’t Give Me No Bullshit, Florrick” look that says, “oh, you’re coming back to me after shoving me under the bus with the Supreme Court? And only asking after your first pick dropped out? Cool, cool. Thanks for the props, y’all.”

5goodwife22screencap7Also, eat me.

The spying game at Florrick Agos, meanwhile, soon becomes real not-so-fun real fast. As they continue to spy about the possibility of Chumhum falling away from Florrick Agos, Diane asks Kalinda to get more details about Florrick Agos’s arrangement with Chumhum. As she explains to another employee in the room: “Kalinda has a way with Cary…we’ve exploited this before.” Ouch. Ouch ouch ouch.

It is as awkward as awkward could be, the sympathy painfully displayed on everyone’s faces at Florrick Agos, except for Cary’s, whose face is set in a grim line. This is obviously a harsh thing to hear, especially publicly in front of your friends, but I’m also a little confused at why he is necessarily so shocked and upset. Didn’t he say “we can’t do this anymore” last week? Which insinuated that he already had an idea that Kalinda was using him? Hasn’t he always suspected it, a little? But maybe there’s just something hard about hearing the truth out loud.


This revelation leads to some tough moments, though, of Cary Agos Not Acting His Best. In fact, maybe Cary Agos Being An Asshole would be more appropriate. First he has a shouting match with Alicia over the direction of their still-so-young law firm. Alicia’s tired of always struggling, and wants a merger with LG. Cary views that as a betrayal of everything they stand for, going back on the very reason they made their own law firm in the first place. He’s also more than aware that Alicia’s name has more clout than his, and that he’d be the one losing power in the deal. I have to say that I’m on Cary’s side for this one. Of course running Florrick Agos is hard, but they knew it would be. What was even the point of breaking away from LG if they’re just going to run back to them?

Still, though, the bitterness with which Cary expresses all of this is unnecessary, and doesn’t bode well for their relationship as co-managing partners.

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