“The Glee Project” Season 2 Finale: At least you get a hug from Dianna Agron


Blake then says that if he can’t show how he’s different through singing, then he decided to show it through words. And he brings out a folded sheet of paper from his pocket.

Boom. Boy has written a poem, y’all.

It’s not Shakespeare but it’s a sensitive, heartfelt poem that a sensitive 19-year-old guy would write about himself, and it brings almost the entire audience to tears, including all the mentors that I love so much. All the tears may be a little over the top, but, eh, emotions are high. The best line in it concerns being “the whitest half-Cuban ever.” Ha! See, that was interesting, and that made me laugh. This was also more interesting to watch than just a dramatic and teary plea about how he needs to win. So, well-done, Blake.

Aylin’s last. She says, “All I can do is sing my heart out.” And that is what she does. She doesn’t move all around the stage or put on a show like the other two, but she stands there and sings, sings, sings. In a way, I respect this most of all.

I am so nervous, guys.

Once everyone’s left the stage, Ryan turns to the cast and writers and asks their opinion. I was surprised, but then not that surprised, when the first five people to answer all said Ali was their hands-down choice. Ali, Ali, Ali. A few people say Blake — namely, Ali Adler says that his performance tonight was like watching “a boy turn into a man.” You’re great, Ali, but, meh, sure.

Throughout this whole thing, the camera keeps flashing to Charlie’s face, which is the portrait of flabbergasted, and he is practically bursting out of his seat each time someone says a name that isn’t Aylin. I have to say, I am kind of feeling the same way.

Eventually he can’t take it anymore, and explodes, “Excuse me, Ryan, I’m sorry, but —” and gives an impassioned speech about how special Aylin is and how important she could be to Glee. I know I gave Charlie crap at the beginning of the season, but since then he has really wormed his way into my heart, and this is almost too much for me. Because while I agree with what he’s saying, even if it’s slightly uncomfortable because he’s really not supposed to be talking right now, it’s more just a show of him really, really loving her. He’s like, defending her honor! I know that’s cheesy or whatever, but you should always defend the honor of someone you love, especially when they deserve it. Ugh, be still my heart, Charlie/Aylin. Who knew.

After this, however, Amber Riley also steps up and says that Aylin did Adele justice. People say more Muslim stuff, but that is the most important compliment.

Ryan decision time. Remember how this entire show, all 11 episodes, comes down to the decision of one dude? He says that “he’s split” about a million times. Right, we get it. Just tell us, for the love of all that is holy!

So he does. Aylin, Ali, and Blake are brought back out, and he tells each of them why they’re special. He leads up to the actual announcement by saying that, as we know, next season on Glee is going to be different with cast members graduating, and they’re looking for a very specific character to fill a very specific role.

And that character is Blake.

I am filled with Feelings. First of all, I don’t know why Ryan Murphy even sets himself up like this. Just say, “I pick this person because I like you best.” The way he led up to it, it just sounds like “We need another Finn, so, you’re it. Sorry ladies!”

Second of all, I know a lot of you told me from the beginning — like the very beginning — that Ryan would go with Blake, the most bland character of them all. And I didn’t believe you! I’m sorry! I hate that you were right!

I know there are lots of people who were rooting for Blake. For those people, I hope you don’t take my disappointment personally. I think Blake is a great guy. Of the three, he probably is the best actor. He’s just natural and charismatic. And I know that’s important.

But the thing — the thing — the thing! — is Glee. Glee is about underdogs; Glee is about melodrama. Aylin and Ali are both underdogs, and they both have the drama. And they both showed more utter guts and sacrifice throughout the entire Glee Project competition than Blake ever did on a single episode. I think Blake will probably fit in swell on Glee, especially if there’s a good, interesting role written for him. (If Blake ends up singing “I’ll Be” to a dude, all will be forgiven. Maybe.) In fact, the Glee Project has probably already served its purpose, since I AM more interested in the next season of Glee just to see how Blake fits in. You still win, Ryan Murphy.

But really, what was the point of this whole series and showing us all these interesting candidates if it was just going to be Blake? Why put contestants through, as Robert appropriately put, the longest audition in the world? While I have to admit I was slightly pulling for Aylin, the cast also had such an overwhelming love for Ali. Nikki herself said, verbatim, “Ali IS Glee.” Um. So why is she going home with nothing?

If you are feeling similarly frustrated and as disappointed as I was, I recommend looking through Glee Project tags on Tumblr. There is every gif to fit your needs.

After the announcement, everyone piles on stage, and luckily, we don’t have to see Aylin or Ali’s actual faces too much, which I’m sure are crushed. Although, as a consolation prize, Dianna Agron does hug them a lot. And that is not a bad consolation prize, not at all.

As further consolation to the rest of us: Nellie ended up winning the fan favorite poll on Oxygen.com. Good work, Team Nellie!

So what do you think? Do you think any of the contestants have bright futures ahead of them, regardless of the official outcome? Am I being too hard on the Blake decision? How do you think he’ll show up on this next season?

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